Michigan Muzzleloader Success


Robinson Outdoor Products' Jason Herbert harvested this Michigan nine-point on a recent muzzleloader hunt.
Robinson Outdoor Products’ Jason Herbert harvested this Michigan nine-point on a recent muzzleloader hunt.

Finally it’s my turn to write about a deer I killed!

I’ve been working with Larry Woodward and Bob Richardson of ScentBlocker Most Wanted on an article about their late season hunting strategies (stay tuned—it’s coming soon). I took some of their advice to heart and went back into where I believed this buck to be resting after a long, vigorous rut. I was really close to his bedding area so scent control was crucial.This new Trinity synthetic ScentBlocker gear with Windbrake technology is amazing—and when layered properly, proves to be perfect scent-free, late season hunting wear. Most guys were sitting at home watching football, but I was prepared for a cold sit.

It’s been frigid-cold here in Michigan lately and last weekend he was on finally his feet during shooting hours. Shortly before dark, this buck ventured out of his bedding area into the picked bean field. I was shivering as I found him in the crosshairs of my Nikon scope and am thankful the CVA Optima did its job. I hit him a bit farther back than I prefer, so I waited until this morning to recover him. A short, bloody trail led me to this beautiful nine-point. He must have had a crazy rut because he literally did not have an ounce of fat on his body and his left ear was shredded from fighting.

I’m so thankful God blessed me with a shot at this memorable buck. It’s cold out, but there are still plenty of deer to hunt. Good luck, everyone!

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