Smith & Wesson will be selling two new 9mm revolvers in 2014, one from the company’s ultra-high-end Performance Center and another in the Pro Series line.

The Smith & Wesson Performance Center "Jerry Miculek" Model 929.
The Smith & Wesson Performance Center “Jerry Miculek” Model 929.

One of Smith & Wesson’s most eye-catching pieces at SHOT this year is the “Jerry Miculek” Performance Center Model 929 eight-shot 9mm. The 929 has a stainless steel frame with a titanium cylinder cut for moonclips, and weighs only 44.2 ounces. The 6.5-inch barrel is topped with a removable compensator. Its overall length is 12.25 inches. Jerry Miculek’s signature sits above the super-light Performance Center trigger. Though I only had the opportunity to dry-fire the 929, has one of the most impressive handgun triggers I’ve ever pulled. It will retail for $1,189.

The Pro Series 986. Image courtesy Smith & Wesson.
The Pro Series 986. Image courtesy Smith & Wesson.

The Pro Series Model 986 is another new Smith & Wesson 9mm revolver, one which I was luckily able to shoot at Media Day. The 986 has a five-inch barrel, and just like 929 features a stainless steel frame mated with a titanium alloy moonclip-cut cylinder. In contrast with the 929, the 986 has a seven-round capacity. Though the 986’s trigger pull in double- and single-action was not as crisp as the 929’s, it still felt great. It’s priced at $1,149.

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2 thoughts on “Smith & Wesson Introduces Two New 9mm Revolvers for 2014

  1. There is more than one type of 9mm caliber. If it is 9mm luger/parrabelum/9×19 ect. then that would be absolutely pointless. The loss in velocity due to the forcing cone and the bulk of a revolver make this impractical with a low powered cartridge such as the 9×19. There are far better cartridges for use in revolvers.

    I understand S&W attempts at appealing to the customers. At least they didn’t put zombie hand grips on it.

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