DSA, Inc., an American manufacturer of metric-pattern FAL rifles, will be introducing two new FAL SA58 models this year.

Available for purchase now is the FAL SA58 Voyager, a more affordably priced variant of the FAL SA58 full-length rifles. In contrast with other DSA FALs, the Voyager’s receiver is cast instead of forged. It features a classic 21-inch-long barrel, with a 16-inch variant in the works. It has a simplified rear sight and the barrel is not cut for a bipod. It uses “new old stock” Steyr furniture and does not have any accessory or optic rails. It will be priced at $1,200.

The DSA, Inc. FAL SA58 Lightweight, which will be available in four months.
The DSA, Inc. FAL SA58 Lightweight, which will be available in four months.

DSA, Inc. plans to release another new FAL SA58, the Lightweight, in about four months. Living up to its name, the Lightweight attempts to cut down on the FAL’s typically-substantial heft by shearing off non-essential mass wherever possible. It weighs 7.3 pounds unloaded and utilizes a pencil-profile 16-inch barrel topped with a compensator to help tame the rifle’s recoil. The Lightweight will retail for $2,150.

A left-side view of the FAL SA58 Lightweight.
A left-side view of the FAL SA58 Lightweight.

Despite its cut-down bulk, the Lightweight still features a top-mounted Picatinny rail and a railed gas block. Both new FAL SA58s will be chambered in .308 Winchester.

Note added 1-20: This article has been updated to include a price for the Lightweight rifle.

Images by Matt Korovesis

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2 thoughts on “DSA, Inc. Introduces Two New FAL SA58 Rifles for 2014

  1. Good rifle, used my first one in 1964 in hot unpleasant places. The problem with this 1st Western assault rifle is that in issue form it is lousy at long range. Today it’s size is a deterrent and if you’ve had a full auto version you would understand why our British brothers manufactured it in semi-auto only. At the time it was a dependable world beater today its basically a collectors piece. From my point of view I’d prefer the M-14.

    1. The FAL is considered superior to the M14 by roughly everybody in almost all aspects, it is not even a matter of trades off like in an AK vc AR discussion.

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