Troy Industries at SHOT: Carbon Fiber AR Handguards, New AK Rail System


Few firearms accessory manufacturers’ names carry the same respect as Troy Industries. The company’s reputation for making high-quality, modular AR handguards is well attested to. This year Troy will be building upon that legacy with lightweight Revolution carbon fiber AR handguards and the Battlerail AK system.

The Revolution takes the features of the Troy Alpha Rail and supplies them in an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber package. It will be available in a standard carbon fiber finish, black, and flat dark earth. The flat dark earth models cost $10 more than the standard carbon fiber handguards. Prices for handguard lengths are as follows:

  • 11-inch: $325
  • 13-inch: $340
  • 15-inch: $360

A 9mm SBR model, which is currently only available with a dedicated upper but will be offered individually in the future, will sell for $310.

An AK on display at the Troy booth outfitted with the railed gas block and short handguard.
An AK on display at the Troy booth outfitted with the railed gas tube and short handguard.

The new Troy AK Battlerails are machined from aluminum, fitted with stainless steel components where necessary, and hardcoat anodized. They will be offered in three variations: a railed gas tube alone, a railed tube with a short handguard, and a railed tube with a long handguard. They will be priced at $150, $275, and $290, respectively.

A close-up shot of Troy's railed AK gas block and short handguard.
A close-up shot of Troy’s railed AK gas tube and short handguard.

Per the Troy product catalog, the railed gas block will fit “Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, US and Others [sic] AKs (stamped and milled) with a standard length gas tube.” The handguards will only fit stamped-receiver guns, and, quoting the catalog again, will “work with some Bulgarian, Romanian and Egyptian lower handguard retainers. Others may need some minor modifications to fit properly.” Aside from these considerations, Troy asserts that installing the Battlerails will install easily.

Testing is still being conducted on both product lines, and Troy expects to be shipping them by the end of the year.

Note added 2-13: This article has been corrected to indicate that the AK setup includes a railed gas tube, not a gas block as previously indicated.

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