David Farbman: Why No Hunter Should Feel Guilty, Ever


“You are a hunter. It is the best part of you,” says David Farbman, author and founder of OutdoorHub.

Away from the field, hunters are something else. They are mechanics, farmers, engineers, business leaders, fathers, mothers, and people with a hundred things on their shoulders. But David stresses that treestands and blinds are no places for distractions—nor are they places for worrying about everything else happening in your life.

“How many times have you sat in a blind and thought you should be doing a million other things?” David asks. “Things centered around work, family, relationships—all stuff that you’ve set aside in pursuit of that elusive buck, tom, or flock of geese. What if I told you to never feel guilty again? What if I told you that everything you’ve learned sitting and waiting are the only weapons you need to succeed in every aspect of your life?”

That is the key principal behind what David calls “The Hunt” system. Hunting, whether you do it for the harvest, the thrill of the chase, or to spend time with family, is a constant learning experience applicable to every other situation in your life. As a lifelong hunter and businessman, David has sought to blend those two aspects seamlessly together.

In few occasions are we as focused as a hunter at full draw. After weeks (or months) of preparation, we see a buck come so close we notice the movement of his eyes, regal and wary. Silently, we brush the skin of our cheeks as we prepare to loose, and then the arrow takes flight. In that one moment, there is nothing else in the world but you and your target. Imagine bringing this intense focus into other aspects of your life.

“When you hunt you have clarity and focus and faith in yourself, your skills, your instincts,” David says. “Every trophy you have taken, every ghost that’s gotten away has taught you something. Something about yourself, nature, relationships, business, and now is the time to take what you already know and stand and fight for the things you want out of life.”

What is The Hunt? Take a look at David’s teaser below:

As a public speaker, David has been traveling the country talking about The Hunt and how hunters should take advantage of those skills in other arenas of life.

The Hunt will be available on Amazon Kindle and in bookstores everywhere.
‘The Hunt’ will be available on Amazon Kindle and in bookstores everywhere.

“The skills you have spent years honing in the fields are now the key to taking the targets you want most in life: a bigger home, better car, happy marriage, successful business—these are all in your grasp when you leverage your hunters’ instinct. No target is too big, no goal is out of reach when The Hunt is your guide.”

In order to bring his message to a larger audience, David has released his book The Hunt: Target, Track, and Attain Your Goals through publisher Jossey-Bass, a Wiley brand. His passion for The Hunt’s philosophy may border on passionately spiritual, but David says there is no ego in it. The book is not about him, he explains, it’s about the readers. It’s about about how hunters—in the field or the boardroom—already have all the tools they need for success.

“Success is always in season,” David says.

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