Alaska is home to about 7,000 to 11,000 gray wolves, from the rain forests of the southeastern panhandle—yes, Alaska has rain forests—to the tundra along the Beaufort Sea. However, if you think these massive wolves were taken in Alaska, you’re only half right.

The true answer is, of course, that these wolves are pure Hollywood. These canines came straight from the master craftsmen behind the 2011 film The Grey with Liam Neeson. In the movie, Neeson is hired by an oil company as a professional marksman defending a drill site from Alaska’s wolves. After being stranded in a plane crash, Neeson’s character and the drilling team must use their own wits to survive the bitter cold and a vicious pack of starving wolves. Below are some of the wolf props made for the film, including the extra-large “Alpha” wolf that serves as the main antagonist throughout the film.

What do you think? Did Hollywood hit the mark with these wolf representations, or are they just too unrealistic?

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5 thoughts on “Photos: Where Was This Massive Wolf Taken?

  1. This is BS. Place the subject in the foreground and the man further back then take the photo. I can make an ant appear bigger than a man that way. And of course we have the good ol’photo shop technique. Another reason why the wolves appear so big is of course the known fact that wolf hunters are so much smaller than the average man ……..

      1. I’ve read the article Mike …. I’ve even seen the movie. … now you go and spoil my fun …. I am waiting for a certain idiot to see the comment. He is following me all over Disqus.

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