There are few things more embarrassing for a new gun owner than mispronouncing the name of a firearm. It’s even more embarrassing for a long-time gun owner. To help out the gun owning public, we’ve put together this video to clearly lay out how to properly pronounce 10 commonly mispronounced gun terms. If you need further help, don’t worry, we’ve got some flash cards made up for you just below the video.











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22 thoughts on “Video: How to Properly Pronounce 10 Gun Names You’re Definitely Saying Wrong

      1. Provided they are talking about a removable magazine and not a clip. If someone said they were having problems inserting their clip, I would have to ask what they were referring to, before I could answer the question.

    1. Exactly… give that man a prize! Why is this article giving me the same feeling I get when some effete, twinkle-toed waiter tries to correct someone’s pronunciation?

      They know EXACTLY what was ordered, but have some irresistible compunction to act superior. People who look down their nose give me the irresistible compunction to help by flattening their nose.

  1. How about Sako? It’s not Say-ko (that’s the watch). It’s Sah-ko-that’s Finn! like sock-o but so-ko. But please, don’t be a gun snob!

  2. You know, I don’t care how you’re intended to pronounce Beretta… The correct pronunciation is Bah-ree-tah. Sounds much better as Ber-eh-tah. Found that most gun store owners even pronounce it this way anyway.

  3. What about Carbine? Is it Carbean like people who don’t understand English say it, or is Car-byne were the second half is like the German word for “one” Ein?

  4. Umm, if you do something like this, at least get it 100% correct.The “affs” on the Russian weapons is not correct. Not close. Long “oh” with a Vee closure sound, not “eff” sound. Draganov, Kalashnikov etc. Not “kaff” like “coffee”.

  5. I haven’t named a gun since my Johnny-7. But if I did name one I’m sure I would be able to pronounce it.. Thanks again OUTDOORSNOBHUB.

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