11 Questions with 10-year-old Competitive Shooter Shyanne Roberts


Ten-year-old 3-gun competitor Shyanne Roberts hails from New Jersey and may just be one of the youngest Second Amendment activists in the shooting community. Throughout the past few years, she’s made appearances pro-Second Amendment outlets such as on Gun For Hire Radio, the NRA’s Cam & Co, and NRA News. She’s also gained attention in national mainstream media, in which she has been shown as a positive example of shooting sports and youth in America, including Fox News, Chasing New Jersey, CNN, ABC Nightline, and Fox & Friends. I recently had the chance to meet this energetic, intelligent, and thoughtful Second Amendment activist at the Brownells Lady 3-Gun Pro-Am competition in Georgia. Here’s what Shyanne had to say about why she loves competitive shooting, and her thoughts on the future.

Britney: How did you get involved in 3-gun?

Shyanne: I had been shooting IDPA and Steel Challenge Matches and my home club (South Jersey Shooting Club in Winslow, New Jersey) holds a monthly 3-gun match. My dad and I went just to watch a match first, to see what I thought, and as soon as I saw it, I was hooked.

Britney: What’s your favorite part of shooting?

Shyanne: I love the challenge and excitement, and having the opportunity to beat up on the boys.

Britney: What’s your favorite gun to shoot?

Shyanne: My purple AR-15 rifle.

Britney: How often do you practice?

Shyanne: I try to practice at least 15 hours or so a week: a combination of dry fire, reloading, failure drills, and a workout routine, as well as live-fire practice. I really should do more, but my dad has a strict rule that my grades and schoolwork always come first.

Britney: What do your friends and classmates think of your hobby?

Shyanne: They think it’s awesome and are very supportive.

Britney: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Shyanne: Oh boy, that’s a tough one. I really love to cook, as well as hunt and fish, so I have thought about maybe someday having a wild game restaurant. But my great grandfather was a decorated World War II vet who received a Bronze Star for valor and the Purple Heart as a member of the Third Infantry Division in the Battle of the Bulge, and my Dad has been a firefighter/EMT for more than 20 years—service to the country and community runs very deep in my family. I’m really curious about joining the military when I’m old enough, either as a medic or a crew chief on a search-and-rescue helicopter. But, I also want to be a professional shooter! Good thing I have plenty of time to narrow things down!

Britney: What are your goals for future 3-gun competitions?

Shyanne: To keep improving in the standings and eventually win a national title on the pro tour, just like Lena Miculek.

Britney: What did you think about the Lady 3-Gun match?

Shyanne: I thought it was awesome! I had so much fun. Everyone was nice and willing to help and coach. I made so many new friends and “range moms” and new “sisters.” I can’t wait for next year’s match.

Britney: What was your favorite memory from the match?

Shyanne: Winning the “Tough as Nails” award and an Aero Precision AR-15 that was built and donated by Geissele Automatics.

Lena Miculek and Shyanne show off the "Tough as Nails" AR during the Lady 3-Gun awards banquet. Image by Dan Roberts.
Lena Miculek and Shyanne show off the “Tough as Nails” AR during the Lady 3-Gun awards banquet. Image by Dan Roberts.

Britney: Do you have any sponsors?

Shyanne: Oh yea, lots! Gun For Hire LLC, Radians, Freedom Ammo, Geissele Automatics, AP Custom, Fluid Grafix, Maximum Ordinate Precision, Frog Lube, GT Targets, Trijicon, Recoil Rifle Slings, NDZ Performance, and Blade-Tech. And I will have some new ones to announce this year!

Britney: You were recently featured on Nightline, what do you think about the attention you are receiving due to your age and current hobby?

Shyanne: I’m happy I have so many incredible opportunities to prove that kids and guns are not always a bad thing, like so many people say, and that kids can shoot guns safely, at a high level, and have a lot of fun doing it. I really enjoy all the messages I get from other kids (and sometimes their parents) from all across the country who tell me I’m setting a great example and they want to do what I do.

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