5 Essential Items for the Trapper


Growing up in rural Oklahoma, I can remember stories told by my grandfather about my great grandfather living among the Cheyenne Indians on the Cimarron River and trapping to supplement a very rugged and meager lifestyle. Stories like this and many others that centered on trapping, hunting, and fishing unquestionably helped lead to my great love of the outdoors and the decision to spend most of my life working in wildlife conservation.

The benefits of trapping are numerous. An author could write several articles explaining how trapping is good for biodiversity, conservation, sustaining wildlife, and is of the utmost importance for biologists to collect data on wildlife. The truth is, while trapping is rewarding, it’s hard work and knowing which trapping supplies to spend your money on and which to avoid can save you time and cash. Some items like traps and lures can be left to the preference of the trapper, but there are many items that should be in every trapper’s pack. Here are a few that are sure to appeal to anyone interested in trapping and the independent lifestyle it embraces.

1. Interstate Batteries Camping Lantern LED 4AA – MSRP $12.99

A good lightweight lantern makes setting traps, driving stakes, and baiting traps much easier in low-light conditions. Interstate Batteries makes rugged, dependable lanterns that are sure to provide you with many years of service. The Camping Lantern has three lighting choices (high, low, and flash) and provides just the right amount of light. Its lightweight design makes it convenient and easy to carry in your pack or bag. The lantern is powered by 4 AA batteries and provides hours of service before having to change the batteries. This is a great tool with an unbelievably low price, and you will be glad you have one when you’re running your trap line or setting your traps.

2. Interstate Batteries 3Watt LED Aluminum Flashlight – MSRP $29.99

When you need a more focused light source, the Interstate Battery 3Watt LED is a great choice. This rechargeable flashlight includes AC & DC charging adaptors and will provide around 15 hours of runtime per charge. It’s lightweight, tough, and dependable. It can readily withstand the rough treatment associated with trapping and the outdoors.

3. Garmin GPSMAP 60C Water Resistant Hiking GPS – MSRP $149.99

It’s important to use a GPS device to mark where you set your traps. In addition to simply remembering where your traps are, it also helps in determining what traps have been effective. The Garmin 60CSx is tried and true and is perhaps the most accurate handheld GPS on the market. It works well in just about any application, even when in a forested area. The Garmin GPSMAP 60C is water resistant and very easy to use. You can count on years of service from this device.

4. Hodgman Mackenzie Cleated Hip Bootfoot – MSRP $49.99

The Hodgeman  Mackenzie Cleated Hip Bootfoot features a tough nylon shell fabric and the PVC boot is 25 percent more durable than rubber. They can be used over extended periods and are more comfortable than traditional rubber waders while providing more flexibility for the constant walking over rugged terrain and getting in and out of water, which you’re sure to encounter when setting traps and running trap lines. They have an internal pocket and are 30 percent lighter than rubber waders.

5. Kershaw Tinder Axe – MSRP $44.99

This is a great tool for the trapper. First of all it’s a handy and very sharp axe. At 10 inches in length and 15 ounces, it’s the perfect size and weight to carry in your pack. The back of the Tinder is a hammer, perfect for pounding in stakes on your trap line. There’s a built-in pry point, a nail remover, a bottle opener, and a set of four hex tools. It has a textured handle that won’t slip when wet and the blackwash finish helps protect the steel and hides scratches. It is a lot of tool for a very affordable price and it will provide years of dependable service.

For many American families, trapping remains an integral part of their lives and is a lasting thread to their relationship with nature. With continued management of our wildlife resources, people today can still choose to participate in this lifestyle as they have done since the beginning of time. Having the proper tools is vital to success in trapping and makes the experience more enjoyable for the entire family.

This article was produced in partnership with Interstate All Battery Centers.

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