Clash of the Apex Predators: 10 Encounters Between Bears and Wolves


As two of North America’s greatest predators, perhaps no other animal rivalry is as famous as the one between bears and wolves. Whether in Yellowstone or the wilderness of Alaska, the clashes between these two powerful hunters are often of epic proportions. On one hand, the pure muscle of an adult brown bear is usually more than enough to intimidate even a confidant wolf pack. Yet a mix of agility, teamwork, and ferocity often tips the odds in the pack’s favor. For millennia, bears and wolves have vied for dominance in the territories they share, pitting might and size against speed and sheer numbers.

For photographers it is the spectacle of a lifetime, but for these wild animals, it is simply survival.

1. Sow and her cubs fight off pack in Glacier Bay National Park

2. Bear and wolves disagree over lunch

3. Coastal wolf learns how to fish from a grizzly

4. Bear cubs charge at posturing wolf

5. Bear family steals lunch, only to have it stolen back

6. Wolf stalks Katmai sow and her cubs

7. Captive bear cub and wolf pup playing

8. Sometimes they can share

9. And sometimes not

10. White wolves look on as a bear lays claim to their meal


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