The saying, “It’s about the journey, not the destination,” exemplifies the award-wining short film, The Disease, by showing the thrill of the hunt — whether or not you end up with a kill.

Directed by Nathaniel Maddux, The Disease is a story of one man’s addiction to all things turkey hunting. The star of this short film, Redbeard, is consumed by a passion for wild turkey hunting. He tells his story not only by the sound of his voice, but by showing the you just how beautiful a passionate life can be.

The viewer is taken on a trip from Redbeard’s turkey call workshop to his secluded hunting camp, all while reflecting on his life of outdoor adventure. After watching this film, you’ll be inspired to get up, go outside, and get in the field this spring. The Disease shows how to enjoy the hunt — no matter what the target is.

Remember, as Redbeard puts it, “It’s not the kill that makes it exciting; it’s the hunt and the challenge.” Grab your weapon of choice this spring and allow yourself to follow in the footsteps of Redbeard and his so-called “disease”.

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