Video: Everything You Need to Know about the 7 Most Iconic Firearms


Have you ever wished for an encyclopedic knowledge of firearms? Are you interested in the history of modern guns, or do you just want to brush up on the basics before hitting the range? This series of videos by Ahoy on YouTube is the perfect introduction to these seven iconic firearms. Whether on the battlefield or in front of the camera in Hollywood, there is no doubt that some guns steal more of the spotlight than others. This is true of both the most widely produced firearm in the world, the AK-47, and the silver screen darling that is the Desert Eagle.

So get comfortable, because what follows is a crash course on some of the most popular firearms of the twenty-first century. The videos are geared more towards the use of firearms in film and video games, but also offer a succinct rundown of the gun’s development, history, application, and general trends in popular culture. Prepare to be educated.

1. AK-47

2. M-16

3. MP5

4. Uzi

5. Beretta 92

6. Desert Eagle

7. SPAS-12

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