The 5 Luckiest Bird Hunters Caught on Video


Have you ever been so frustrated that you threw your bow at a pheasant? Have you ever practiced the art of quail catching? Did it work out for you? If it did, you might be on this list.

Hunting birds can be an unpredictable affair, but these five videos are some of the strangest things we’ve seen. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter what kind of gun you’re shooting or what kind of gear you’re carrying, the stars seem to align and the odds swing in your favor. Or a bird comes flying out of left field and you instinctively catch it like a fluffy baseball.

1. When in doubt, throw your bow

Earlier this week, professional archer Chris Brackett found himself with a slice of internet fame after a video of him chasing pheasant appeared on reddit. After shooting the bird out of the sky, Brackett was unable to grasp how the pheasant was able to keep running with an arrow sticking out of it.

2. Just like a quail-shaped Frisbee

Some may doubt this video’s authenticity, but it’s hard to dispute the word of Senior Pastor Matt Carter, the hunter with the magic touch seen in the video.

Pastor Carter was hunting with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colt McCoy when a stray quail just happened to fly within grabbing distance. Cupping the bird from the air, Carter raised it high in victory pose and the video was eventually posted on Austin Community Church’s YouTube channel. According to GrindTV, Carter and McCoy have been friends and hunting buddies for years, and have recently teamed up to pen a book that is one part religious discussion and one part self-reflection on manliness.

3. I think there’s something behind me

In this video, hunter and professional guide Rob Reynolds tries a rather unorthodox method of bagging goose: using his own two hands.

The goose was later released safely. Reynolds is the owner of Ranchland Outfitters in Alberta, Canada, where he guides waterfowl, whitetail, mule deer, and moose hunts.

4. Wait, that wasn’t supposed to happen

Video includes some strong language.

Training with this hunting dog took a weird turn when it snatched a chukar out of mid-air right after it was flushed. If all dogs were able to do that—and pups in training no less—than it may just make carrying shotguns a little bit redundant.

5. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

A group of quail hunters in Quali Creek Plantation, Florida discovered that their guide was more talented than they expected. A low-flying quail dodged shots from a 20 gauge just to come back and get neatly picked up barehanded by the guide. By his humble demeanor, you’d think this wasn’t his first time.

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