Photos: 15 Insanely Intricate Antler Carvings That Will Amaze You


Antler and bone carving, sometimes called scrimshaw, is as about old as hunting itself. As an art form, antler carving is remarkably easy to get into. All you need are some decently-sized sheds and some tools—carving steel and a magnifying glass. If you are feeling especially productive, perhaps a rotating motor tool as well.

Yet for veteran carvers, the art offers near infinite possibilities. Antlers come with unique challenges compared to wood, but the results can be astounding. Check out some of these magnificently intricate carvings below—it might inspire you to take a class or two.

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Bone and Antler Carvings From Around the World

Bone and Antler Carvings From Around the World
Dragon Moose Antler Carving

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Moose antler carvings

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