If you spend as much time as I do in the outdoors, Duluth Trading Company should be on the top of your list for outdoor clothing. Good outdoor clothing has to be tough, allow for freedom of movement, and fit well—it also helps if the clothing looks good. Tough, light, and super-comfortable, Duluth Trading Company is becoming a go-to brand for the avid outdoor person.

Here are seven awesome products from Duluth that can take the beating and harsh extremes of any outdoor activity.

1. Ultimate Fire Hose Cargo Pants

While canvas is rugged, it is also pretty uncomfortable. Duluth Trading Company has solved that problem with their patented Fire Hose fabric. Fire Hose cotton canvas has the ruggedness of regular canvas with the added benefit of being soft and comfortable, it is far more durable than regular cotton fabric and it looks good. The more you wash the fabric, the better it feels, and it is perfect for any outdoor activity.

Made of said awesome cotton, the Ultimate Fire Hose Cargo Pants resist rips and tears. The 11 pockets allow you to carry anything and everything you might need on any outdoor adventure. Besides looking good, they have the added comfort of crotch gusset that really allows for ease of movement. They come with Duluth’s FendOff fabric treatment that repels water and stains. I have slid down the side of a rocky incline through cactus in these Duluth pants, taken them off, washed them, and then worn them out to dinner.

2. DuluthFlex Fire Hose Jeans

Made of eight-ounce Fire Hose cotton, these jeans are about 30 percent lighter than regular fire Hose fabric. Though they’re lighter, they’re just as tough and abrasion-resistant as the regular Fire Hose fabric, and they have an added three percent spandex that flexes when you move. The extra-deep 12-inch side pockets keep whatever you’re carrying more secure and come with the FendOff fabric treatment to repel water and stains. I wear these camping in the late spring and summer months, and they actually have enough room in the side pockets to hold my tent mallet.

3. Ballroom 5-Pocket Jeans

Men's Ballroom 5-Pocket Jeans1

Duluth calls these jeans “burly but soft,” and that’s a great description. They are made of a 100-percent-domestic cotton denim fabric that is soft and rugged. These are not your dad’s blue jeans.  They have a hidden crouch gusset—hence the name ballroom. They are super comfortable and they will not bind up. The ballroom jeans were made for working in the garden, walking through the woods, or spending a night out on the town.

4. DuluthFlex Sweatstop Fire Hose Pants

Men's DuluthFlex Sweatstop Fire Hose Utility Pants3

These Duluth pants feel great when you put them on. Made of a blend of cotton and Duluth’s CoolMax fabric, they wick sweat, resist abrasion, and just feel cooler on your skin. They have a crouch gusset that lets you lunge, jump, and crouch without crowding the family jewels. The Duluth Sweatstop Fire Hose pants have seven pockets; the back pockets are reinforced, and they have a mid-leg utility pocket that has tuckable flaps. This leaves plenty of room for just about anything you need to carry outside.

5. Armachillo Pattern Long Sleeve Shirt

Men's Armachillo Pattern Long Sleeve Shirt

Made for the extremes of summer, the men’s Armachillo long-sleeve is lightweight, comfortable, and resilient. The Made-in-the-Jade fabric makes the shirt feel cool to the touch and wicks moisture so you stay dry when you’re active in the summer heat. Breathable, comfortable, and quick-drying, it helps keep you cool and if it gets wet it dries super-fast. The Armachillo shirt has an armpit gusset, large front pockets, and button tabs for rolling up and securing the sleeves. They look great and come in several great colors, including plaid.

6. Bossman’s Lightweight Cotton Shirt

Men's Bossman's Lightweight Cotton Shirt2

The Bossman’s Lightweight Cotton Shirt is made of 100 percent cotton poplin and is crisp, light, and keeps you cool. The armpit gussets and box pleat really allow for freedom of movement and it has two roomy chest pockets. It comes in two colors and has button tabs to secure your rolled-up sleeves. This shirt beats the heat and humidity even if you’re on the beach or fishing, it has become a real favorite for my summertime activities.

7. Fire Hose Field Coat

Made of the durable, yet soft Fire Hose cotton canvas and featuring Duluth’s FendOff finish, this jacket repels stains and water remarkably well. The men’s Fire Hose Field Coat is patterned as a refined version of the US military field coat from World War II. This is one of the most durable and comfortable jackets I have ever seen for the outdoors. It comes with two-snap adjustable cuffs and a two-way brass zipper with storm flap, a bi-swing back with underarm gussets, and a draw cord waist so you can adjust the fit.

Whether you’re camping, hunting, fishing, or just spending time in the outdoors with your family, Duluth makes some of the most dependable and comfortable clothing available for the outdoor lifestyle so many of us love. You cannot go wrong with any of these choices. If you spend as much time as I do in the outdoors, Duluth trading company makes the clothing that feels great and that can stand up to just about anything the outdoors has to offer.

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8 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Outdoorsmen Should Be Talking about Duluth Trading Company

  1. I just got about a month ago 3 pair of ultimate fire hose pants and 2 pair of fire hose shorts and there awesome comfortable and rugged because I’m an iron worker and believe me you need tough pants!! I finally bought some Duluth pants and I’m totally satisfied!! Thank you Duluth for making the toughest pants that I own I’m the happiest man on my crew 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. This maybe a subliminal ad, BUT,…. every word about ballroom pants is true!! I have Firehouse pants that are 4 years old and still very serviceable and look good. The Duluth brand is worth my money!

  3. ONE reason Outdoorsmen shouldn’t buy from duluth trading company – over 95% of their products are made in china.

  4. Overpriced junk for guys who like to think thqt they are rough on clothes. I’ll keep buying the $30.00 jeans from the saw shop…

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