Glocks have a sterling reputation for reliability, and regardless of what people think of the gun that put Gaston’s name on the map, most will usually admit that Glocks are workhorses. They are rugged, cheap, and usually easy to replace. Due to this, Glock pistols are a popular choice for torture tests—especially ones in which the gun isn’t expected to survive. Rigorous, fact-based testing can be very useful to a well-informed gun owner, even if they are sometimes a bit excessive.

Then there are tests like these.

We’re not saying that these “experiments” are without any value whatsoever—who knows, you may want to know if your Glock will still fire after being baked into a cake—but they are usually just for entertainment purposes. Thanks to popular YouTuber MattV2099, you will never have to wonder again if a Glock will still run after being filled with mashed potatoes or slathered in salmon eggs. Here are 20 of his most famous, if somewhat unappetizing, Glock torture tests.

1. Cake

2. Peanut Butter

3. Salmon roe

4. Red Jello

5. Silly sludge

6. Chocolate

7. Molasses

8. Almond Roca

9. Raw egg

10. Bacon grease

11. Honey

12. Pudding

13. S’mores

14. Butter

15. Turtle wax

16. Coffee grounds

17. Mashed potatoes

18. Toothpaste

19. Strawberry jam

20. Deep fried

Image screenshota of videos by MattV2099: Guns & Food on YouTube

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