One of the questions most often asked in concealed carry community is “What are the cheapest handguns I can get for x amount of money?” It is one that is extremely difficult to answer. Every time someone asks what the “best” thing in a specific category is, they can expect to be assaulted by brand partisans on all sides. This is particularly true with gun owners. When we have a good experience with a firearm, we want to talk about it and extol its virtues. After all, one day we may have to trust our lives with it.

We racked our brains on great concealed carry guns and came up with this list of great carry guns under $300. To compile the list, we looked at the best selling and most commonly listed firearms on websites such as,,, and so on. We also sourced our pricing from to get a sense of what a realistic street price would look like, but the dollar amount on these guns can change depending on where you go. Also, the prices listed below are for retail factory-new firearms, but not necessarily MSRP. Lastly, weights are based on unloaded standard models.

See anything you like? Was there anything we missed? Have you had a good or bad experience with any of these firearms? Let us know below in the comments, you might be helping someone else out!

1. Ruger LCP

Image from James Case on Flickr.
Image from James Case on Flickr.
  • Retail price: Around $292
  • Firearm type: Semi-automatic
  • Action: Double Action Only
  • Caliber: .380
  • Magazine capacity: 6
  • Safety: no manual safety
  • Weight: 9.40 ounces

2. Kel-Tec P11

Image is public domain.
Image is public domain.
  • Retail price: Around $240 to $277
  • Firearm type: Semi-automatic
  • Action: Double Action Only
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Magazine capacity: 10
  • Safety: no manual safety
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces

3. Taurus 85FS Ultra-light



  • Retail Price: Around $273
  • Firearm type: Revolver
  • Action: Single/double
  • Caliber: .38 special
  • Capacity: 5
  • Safety: Taurus Security System
  • Weight: 21 ounces

4. Bersa Thunder 380

Image is public domain.
Image is public domain.
  • Retail Price: Around $270 to $290
  • Firearm type: Semi-automatic
  • Action: Single/double
  • Caliber: .380
  • Magazine capacity: 7
  • Safety: Integral Locking System
  • Weight: 20 ounces


Image courtesy Daniel Xu.
Image courtesy Daniel Xu.
  • Retail price: Around $250 to $275
  • Firearm type: Semi-automatic
  • Action: Double Action Only
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Magazine capacity: 10
  • Safety: No Manual Safety
  • Weight: 15 ounces

6. EAA Windicator


  • Retail Price: Around $299
  • Firearm type: Revolver
  • Action: Single/double
  • Caliber: .357 Mag/.38 Special
  • Capacity: 6
  • Safety: No Manual Safety
  • Weight: 28.8 ounces

7. Kel-Tec PF9



  • Retail price: Around $280
  • Firearm type: Semi-automatic
  • Action: Double Action Only
  • Caliber: 9mm Magazine capacity: 7
  • Safety: Hammer Block Only
  • Weight: 12.7 ounces

8. Hi-Point C-9


  • Retail price: Around $156
  • Firearm type: Semi-automatic
  • Action: Striker Fire Action
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Magazine capacity: 8
  • Safety: Manual
  • Weight: 29 ounces

9. Kel-Tec P-3AT

Image is public domain.
Image is public domain.
  • Retail price: Around $250 to $272
  • Firearm type: Semi-automatic
  • Action: Double Action Only
  • Caliber: .380
  • Magazine capacity: 6
  • Safety: No Manual Safety
  • Weight: 8.3 ounces

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184 thoughts on “9 Awesome Concealed Carry Handguns Under $300

  1. All of the guns presented in this article, with the exception of the small Ruger are crap. I’m surprised we didn’t see the Colt pocket mustang .380 or the S&W titanium alloy .38spl in the mix. For quality and reliability, we should forget the “$300” price “limitation” and rate guns on quality and performance. You get what you pay for.

    1. The Bersa Thunder is not “crap” — although I personally prefer the Thunder Plus for the extra magazine capacity. The Ruger LCP is well made, but has its drawbacks: no safety (which is pretty important for an everyday concealed carry gun), double action only (also a drawback for concealed carry), and has a long trigger pull which hurts its accuracy.

      1. I’ve owned my Bersa for years and never have had an issue, any issue. People are just biased toward the high end Glocks. This Bersa is a great firearm at a terrific price.

      2. In my extensive experience, there is no such thing as a “high end Glock.” That’s not an anti-Glock statement. I own a G17 and a G37 and I wouldn’t trade them. They are robust and reliable, but definately not “high end.” If a Glock was a car it would be a Crown Victoria. That said, the Bersa is an excellent choice as well as the Ruger.

      3. None of my EDC guns have any manual safeties of any kind. If you want your EDC to have a manual safety, fine. However, it is not pretty important on an EDC gun.

      4. Kel Tecs are not crap. I have owned them for years with no issues. I have also owned several Hi Points, and although inexpensive, they are accurate and reliable. You are making a snob gun owner blanket statement.

      5. Safety? Less is more with a weapon designed for defense, no flock has a “safety” don’t put your finger on the trigger until you plan to shoot, and properly holster your firearm. Tiger had been and always will be my go to with Glovk in close second. A safety is one more thing to think about when defending your life is already a split second decision. And as for accuracy? Sir you are not trying to shoot at 30 yards, these bad people will be within 10 yards at most, accuracy is not in question here, know your firearm know how to operate it and practice will be what’s required to have enough accuracy for a life threatening situation.

    2. I happen to own the SCCY that is in the feature picture, but with an olive coloring and it has put hundreds of rounds down range with surprising accuracy (I’m better with it than I am with either my Glock or 1911). As a bonus, it’s the gun that my wife likes. As of yet, there hasn’t been a single failure to feed using various cheap ammo. Oh and fit & finish on this gun are surprisingly good.

      I don’t own the Hi-Point mentioned, but I do own one of their carbines which is my favorite plinker by far. I have a friend who owns the Hi-Point 45 & he has never had an issue.

      What I believe I’m saying is that you don’t seem to have any experience with these brands other than by name.

    3. Old Chuck Wagon sounds like the “Brand Lover” and “No Dollar Limitation” type of gun buyer. Well old Chuck, I have expensive handguns, but also have a Kel-Tec PF-9 and P3AT and both shoot just great for a short distance Carry Gun. I have run hundreds of rounds through both…with no problems, and have less than $600 in both! Plus, they are light and very easy to conceal. Living in Florida, I rarely wear anything but Shorts and T-Shirts…so carry is something that needs to be easy!

      1. People in most states probably don’t really understand how hot and humid most of Florida really is. I go for years in nothing but Bermuda shorts myself as far as pants are concerned and it tends to be nasty hot all year long. It is hotter here in winter most days than it is in many places in summer. Guns need to be sweat proof as body juices can make a mess out of some metals and ammo needs to be replaced a bit more often as well. A leather holster might stay moist and rot away all too quickly here.

      2. I’m not sure Chuck Wagon has any clue..I own (3) Highpoint C9s…380, .9mm and .40 and have never had an issue…never a hang up..shoots straight and true every time..may be ugly and heavy but never failed…they don’t have the “Glock” name plate but also don’t have the price 3 Highpoints combined cost what a “Glock” does..and I believe my lifetime warranty is stronger as well….the C9 is a great first handgun or simple plinker and has helped me train both of my kids to shoot. Because its heavier and absorbs most of the recoil It’s served a great training purpose.

      3. have all of you considered big brother now knows you have these guns, I know they are registered but no sense in advertising it.

    4. Colts and S&W’s don’t run under $300 and some of those on the list are perfectly fine firearms. Only one comes to mind as something I wouldn’t own.

    5. It would be interesting to hear what parameters Chuck Wagon uses to evaluate the quality of an item other than price. As a person who taught marketing, merchandising and management for more than thirty years, I take exception to his statement that “You get what you pay for” as an indication of the quality of any item. The excellent publication Consumer Reports has indicated throughout its existence that price alone cannot be used as a determination of the quality of an item.

    6. I own two hi point c 9s, have put thousands of rounds through both with no issue to date. Are they heavy? Yes. Are the ugly? Yes. Do they have a transferable lifetime warranty? Yes. Can u still protect yourself with and ugly, heavy gun? Yes.

      1. I agree, the hi points are awesome. I have the .390, 9mm, 40sw, and the 9mm carbine. That’s 4 guns fr under $1000. And they all shoot great.

    7. I picked up an EAA Windicator about a year ago and love it… No issues whatsoever. Certainly not crap in my opinion…..

    8. I appreciate the follow up comments to mr. Wagon; those of us on very limited budgets might like to think there’s a chance to get something new out of the box with no frills and modern manufacturing techniques that shoots straighter (perhaps) then a used gun, and we use reviews and discussions online to make informed decisions. “Crap” doesn’t tell me much. The internet is full of dismissive, not thoughtful and not detailed reviews of products. I value the input of someone with more experience and expertise than I have, and with perhaps some have the wherewithal to have bought and tried all the better guns and so can sum up the inexpensive ones as “crap”, but a few more specifics might help. How crap? Why crap? Because they’re cheap? Because they blow up in people’s faces all the time? Pintos were crap, but a lot of people bought and used them and didn’t all blow up, yeah?

    9. Hey Chuckie Cheese Wagon, That’s a bunch of crap. Who decides what is good quality? The gun reviewers at G&A really screwed up on the Remington P51 review. I really got screwed on that one. I also got it on a Ruger LCP, that’s the worse piece crap on the market. Another high quality American Made firearm that got me up the Ol Wazoo! was the Charter Arms 9mm revolver. That one out the door was $503.00 . I fired twenty rounds through it and had to return it to Charter Arms. They replaced the 6 rd cylinder with a 5 rd and sent it back and told me it was an upgrade. Now the cylinder rotates, but you have to use a hammer on the ejection rod to eject the empty cartridges.
      On a lighter note, I’ve got a couple of Cobra CA380s, have shot hundreds of rounds through them and never had a problem. Thank God for cheap guns !

    10. Well, Chuck-E-Cheeze, all that comment displays is your own ignorance. I have shot quite a few of the guns on this list. Kel Tec makes some of the most innovative and reliable guns on the market. They revived the .380 mouse gun market with the P3-AT, and got all the other makers playing “Me too.” Their P-11 and PF-9’s are great EDC 9mms in double or single stack. Bersa actually has good build quality. Some people have been mentioning safeties. Many of these guns are DAO. The long stiff trigger pull IS a good safety. Two that should be on here that aren’t are the S&W M&P Bodyguard .380 (MSRP $379, but I see them for $300 all the time in the shops), and the Taurus 738 TCP. The Taurus is actually my favorite .380. It has a lighter, smoother trigger, and to me, trigger feel is my number one parameter in choosing between different guns that do the same job. You can find the 738 TCP for around $215-230 fairly often. The most innovative pocket pistol I have seen in years is just barely past the $300 break point. The Taurus Curve is designed for pocket carry. It is a .380 shaped to curve with your leg, and comes with integral lasers and LED lights. Around here, they sell for $315. I don’t think the Hi Point fits this list. Despite what the gun snobs say, Hi Point makes reliable pistols, but they are about as concealable as a large rock or club.

    11. I have a 85 Taurus 38 SPL, and I assure you it will perform as good as my Smith & Wesson 38 SPL. Funny how people think you have to buy the top of the line names to get performance. Buy the way Colts are a joke for their price.

    12. Not everyone can afford expensive guns
      Hi points have gotten better. And for those that like revolvers EAA is a good weapon.
      Better some kind of weapon than none. And most importantly, people need to practice at the range how to shot consistantly, as well as learning to keep your weapon clean so that they don’t jam.

      1. Shooting at the range also costs money. $20 for a single, $30 for two people + ammo and targets. You’re looking at $40/$50 per session. That gets expensive.

  2. Let’s not forget the s&w sheild 9mm I got for 279.00. It should rank up at the top of this list. Very accurate and hides away easily.

  3. any gun is good & reliable, dosen’t matter the brand of the gun. it is you who doesn’t know how to clean & field strip the firearm. ppl shoot 1,000 rounds with no field strip & still think the firearm is going to work properly. ppl are either dumm or lazy….. oh & i own a Glock 22 & Ruger LC9…. (I practice gunsmith follow me on I,G @lilgee255)

  4. I just have to get into this mess. As a member of a family-owned gun store, I will say I take exception to only one of these guns on this list. The High-Point C9 is a freaking BRICK! How did this gun EVER make it on to someones CONCEALED carry list? Simply because it is extremely cheap. that is the only way it could, when the requirement is under $300.
    That is all I have to say on that matter. Good Night.

    1. There is an interesting article in G&A ( May ,June …? ) about High Point Firearms. Seems the company was a test bed for the Feds to try out a new system for identifying a gun from a fired shell casing. There is a micro code imprinted on the shell casing when fired, If this worked, then the Feds were going to require all Firearms manufactured in the US to have this system.

  5. What about the SAR b6pc orEAA witness compact 9mm. Both under $300 and holds 13 rounds. Much better than some of these guns.

  6. My local gun shop refuses to carry the SCCY CPX-2 in his store (or any of the SCCY firearms). He claims it’s nothing but a piece of junk. I’m not saying that they are but he knows his stuff when it comes to firearms so I’ll take his word for it.

    1. I don’t know why your gun shop said that? I owned one and purchased another CPX-2, no safety’s. I have shot these weapons for over 3 -4 years and many thousands of rounds, no problems! You must be a Glock owner or even a sig owner. Now if you are a sig owner they make .22 cal. which I have one, you can buy this piece of S_ _T at a real good price. another words I don’t care what you dumb gun shop says. Just proves to me I would not buy anything he sell’s, and his line of crap.

    2. Pretty much preference. My local gun shop carries and sells the SCCY alot. He says he hasn’t had one come back yet. My wife has one and loves it. So maybe he had a bad experience with one or something.

    3. I’ve noticed that the gun community is plagued with elitists, especially the ones who work at gun shops. My Taurus gets all sorts of flak from “experts” because of its name and price tag, but I have yet to talk to someone who criticizes my gun, who has actually shot one. My PT-111 performs just as well (if not better) as my cousin’s Glock 26, and looks a lot better.

      I personally have never gotten my hands on a CPX-2, but from what I hear, they’re good guns, and they’re pretty reliable. Don’t listen to shop owners, unless they have experience shooting or owning one, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

  7. I like Kel Tecs and currently own 3. I also like Rugers, but down own one at the moment. I carry my KT PF9 daily as a back up to my XD .45.

  8. You don’t see a lot of these guns in some stores because of the profit margin. They don’t make as much money, so they’d rather you buy something pricier. That’s a guess, but you know how business is…

  9. I bought a Bersa Thunder .380 for my daughter and it has been a great gun. Simple to clean, light, accurate and reliable. We have put 500 rounds through it flawlessly.

    1. In Los Angeles & Orange County area, most of the gun shop out of stock Bersa Thunder 380, if you lucky find one, the price will be in $400 range, it’s a ridiculous.

  10. I have a SCCY 2 as everyday cc @ love it weight, and accuracy with reliability. 600 rounds practice wonderful results no failures or problems. Fantastic gun overall.very effective with HP ends. Out ways all 45’s I tried.
    Thank you SCCY?

  11. Are you sure that Bull Dog doesn’t have worms ? Hey it’s your life, gamble with it if you want, I could care less ! Do you sleep with your Bull Dog ?

      1. “militia” referred to a single soldier in the way troop does today. Oh, also 262,000,000 murdered by their own gov in the 20th century alone w/gun grabbing leftist leading the killing.

      2. Really, care to cite your source. Care to make up some more shi…..stuff….? What did they mean by well regulated, Zippy? Can’t wait for this crock.

      3. “Well regulated” meant purely “properly functioning” in the parlance of the day. This is expounded on thoroughly in the writings of many of the founders at the time.

      4. Read over a number of your posts. I have but a single question. If you don’t like the private ownership of firearms, why are you _here_? (Why are you visiting this site?) Odd.

      5. Nazi Germany + Soviet Russia + Communist China.
        Some experts estimate the number to be closer to 400 million for these 3 regimes alone.

      6. Also, the National Guard wasn’t formed until 1917. This language in no way applies to it, but to the same people it did then, the general citizen.

      7. They don’t. Individuals were expected to provide their own ammunition and weapon, and maintain proficiency in it. Unit training came if and when they were called up, though most cities and towns held a regular practice.

      8. Then how is that militia well regulated? Going to the range once in a while and keeping it cleaned and oiled does nothing for unit cohesion. Won’t unit training be a little late if someone does a Red Dawn on us? And isn’t that their reason for being?

      9. Unit cohesion has historically been the weak point of militia, and why they have regulars deployed with the bolster in the field. The descendants of the militias I was referring to are seen today in the remaining State Guards/Defense Forces, which do train quite a bit more than Joe Schmo does.

        No one in their right mind expects militia to face a regular combined arms military by itself and succeed. Aside from that, modern day militias are much more concentrated on battling mother nature and civil unrest. The latter, regular military cannot by law do at all.

      10. So why does Joe Schmo get to have a gun, then?
        The National Guard most certainly can battle civil unrest, which is one of the reasons they’re organized and they train on a regular basis. In other words; well regulated. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t want a bunch of wanna be’s, with no official standing or oversight, coming in and trying to suppress a riot.

      11. The National Guard isn’t a militia anymore, since it’s forming in 1917. It’s much more federal than state or local as before, even down to the Feds paying for most of their budget. The State Guards/Militia/Defense forces I referred to are all that’s left.

        In most recent memory though, situations like the Watts Riots and Katrina aftermath, to name a few, show the need for individuals to retain the ability to protect at least themselves, if not their country. Tornadoes, floods, wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes all happen regularly. Looters, rapists, and robbers come outta the woodworks whenever these things occur. In regular times without a disaster even, there was a home invasion several blocks from my home in a good neighborhood!
        Emergency services are unavailable or unable to respond in time in quite a few instances, even in these modern times we live in.

        It boils down to this : If you don’t like guns, you want no one to have them. If you trust yourself more than police that might not or cannot be there in time, you want them. There’s a point of view that doesn’t involve national defense for ya, hope that sheds some light on why so many gun owners care so much about it.

      12. Language and word meaning change over time, that is why context is critical to understanding. Since you have not a clue as to context…

      13. Once again … ignorance of history. In the 1800’s “Well regulated” did NOT mean “restricted” or limited by laws and oversight. It meant “working as designed” or efficient. But congratulations on showing everyone how you don’t know the difference in semantics between the 1800’s and 2000’s.

      14. Was written? How is the militia of today efficient or well run? And show me where I said well regulated meant restricted or limited by laws and over sight. Reading comprehension just ain’t your thang is it, Zippy?

      15. Listen, dopey, the “point” you are trying to make was already aired out in SCOTUS and there is no basis for restricting gun ownership to only those in a militia under the 2nd Amendment. I don’t give a damn about militias – I’m armed and I invite you to come try and disarm me. It’s my natural right to defend myself, but hey, if we are in the same place and someone draws down on you I’ll gladly let them take you out.

      16. You assume I’m NOT armed? lol Good for you. Where could I take you out….hmmmm. As you walk back to your vehicle from the grocery store. The parking lot where you work. When you answer your front door. When you stop at the stop sign down the street from your house. So many opportunities.

      17. I love internet tough guys like you. I’m reporting you and now you’ll be banned from the site. As for your threats, they are just funny. They reveal 3 things about you. 1. Your delusional nature. 2. Your low character. 3. Your viciousness. Have a crappy life, loser, as the best punishment for a man like you is being yourself.

      18. Really? I didn’t threaten you, i merely stated I wouldn’t protect you. Huge difference, already reported to Disqus and they are reviewing. You violated their terms of service, dingbat. You will likely be banned within 24 hours. Should shut your idiotic mouth sometimes, for your own sake, punk.

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        Hope you deal with whatever is going on with you. If you are seeing a professional for help, please show them this interchange. They need to know just how detached from reality you are.

        Get better soon!

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      30. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ET AL. v. HELLER says that is not a requirement for gun ownership.

        Please, be educated of a particular topic before you speak on it. Its better to to let someone think your an idiot than to open your mouth (or in this case type) and remove all doubt

      31. And SCOTUS has ruled on Roe v Wade, so tell your fellow wing nuts to put their poster boards and bullhorns away, dlckhead.

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        The United States’ Army WAS the National Guard, and the “militia” in 1800’s parlance was the unenlisted civilians. In short ANY civilian with a gun was a member of the militia. So thank you for playing, but go back and learn your history.

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      38. ‘It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.’ – Ronald Reagan

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        Witness the occupant of the Oval Office and how he got there.

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        The Marine Corp was also founded in 1775. They, too were disbanded after the war, but reorganized in 1798, that’s in the 1800s. Strike two.

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        And what part of WELL REGULATED don’t you understand? It isn’t some yahoo, rednecks with small ones who own firearms, but a WELL REGULATED structure of command.

        And where did I claim the National Guard was the same as the militia? Making things up to fit your agenda, how typically right wing.

        Next, you’ll accuse me of putting a “tapp” on your wires.

      41. Again, you need to do some studying on the parlance of the day. “Militia” was any member of the populace not assigned to a “regular” unit.
        The moment you said “disbanded”, you proved my point that there was no PERMANENT STANDING military. So thank you for proving my point.
        “Well regulated” likewise does not mean today what it meant in the 18th Century. The terminology is used in contemporary writings of the day describing such things as a “well regulated clock” or “well regulated instrument.”
        It had nothing to do with regulations or government oversight (in part because the very idea of a “regulation” in regards to government is a post-American-Revolution idea. Before that time dictates by a King or Sovereign weren’t thought in terms of “regulation”.. they were dictates, period.)
        And since we’re delving into the contemporary meanings of the applicable terms….
        “ARMS” was not exclusive of firearms or flintlocks – had the founders wanted to limit it to muskets or flintlocks they would have said so explicitly. “Arms” included cannon, swords, firearms and even ships of war. This is backed-up by the fact that Founder John Hancock, a trader, converted his cargo ships to fully armed ships of war with a compliment of 8 or more cannon each.
        The right to bear ARMS was to insure the American citizens could rise up against their own military if the need should arise. Thomas Jefferson is the most clear and insistent on this point in nearly ALL his writings on the subject. Again… go back and study some more.

      42. Proved your point? You said there was no standing military in the 1800s, I showed you that there was. Well regulated meant “in proper working order”. So a well regulated militia meant that the militia was more than just a bunch of guys who owned a gun. If there were no drills and maneuvers, how could they be in proper working order? Your description is that of mass confusion, not well regulated.

      43. Are you being intentionally obtuse?
        A military force that is activated for wartime and disbanded in peace is NOT A STANDING ARMY.
        Again, if you’d actually read contemporary writings of the day (which you obviously haven’t), there WERE drills and maneuvers. They were voluntary and NOT subject to Federal oversight or directive as today’s National Guard is – and therefore not comparable to the National Guard units we have today.
        Erik, you can spout your wishful thinking all you like, but it doesn’t change the facts, and those FACTS are found in the writings of Jefferson, Adams (both Sam and John) and Madison.

      44. The milt are institutions were reformed in the 1800s and never disbanded again. And again, what good is a bunch of people who are the very definition of anarchy?

      45. It is none of anyone’s business–especially the gubment’s–if the people’s militia is in “proper working order.” You gubment suck-up.

      46. Yes, you prove his point over and over. Your emotional nonsense shows you have no historical framework or understanding of the circumstances of the time in which the documents were written. Since these circumstances have changed so little over the years you are repeatedly displaying how very weak your grasp of reality is, if any.

      47. Mr Byrne, in the words of Robert Heinlein: “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.” You’re dealing with the functional equivalent of a very annoyed pig. Just let it go!

      48. A perfect example as to why firearms need to be more heavily regulated. Too many psychos already have them.

      49. Go to North Korea. That’s regulation Heaven. So many people have this crush on big, bossy government. They really are living in the wrong country. It is pathetic how many liberties they surrender in exchange for safety and security and free housing and food.

      50. Oh look, an Idiot Out Walking Around! I don’t have a crush on big bossy government, just don’t like handing out firearms like Halloween candy.

      51. Do you qualify yourself as a psycho? Or are you qualified to rate others as such?
        It isn’t the “psychos” that are the issue. It is those who hit the end of their rope.
        Garbage like your self aggrandizing name calling of psychos dies nothing to address the issue and only serves to make the anti second ammendment people look less informed.

      52. The rabid Second amendment people, a.k.a. gun nuts, ARE less informed. So, because you’ve “hit the end of your rope”, shooting people is justified? Most people that have hit bottom don’t go postal, psychos do. Nice non sequiturs, though.

      53. If you actually do your research, you will find that most murders and mass killings are done by the left. The few exceptions have been the wacko that attacked Gabby Gifford and the guy who attacked the church. Aside from that, the individuals who have “hit the end of their rope” have been liberals. They are not centrist liberals, they are extremists.

      54. I’ll cite Chicago. They have the strictest gun laws in the country and enjoy the highest murder rates committed by unlicensed gun owners. The major psychos there are the unlicensed, unlawful gun owners and the clueless far left city government.

      55. The full Amendment states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” To me (and the Supreme Court agrees) that means that States have a right to form a Militia and as such, it is important that the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed. If they didn’t mean for the right to be given to all people, they could have easily limited it and not used “the people”, and the Court agrees with me.

        Furthermore, the 14th Amendment states that “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States”, making it illegal for States to take away a right granted by the Constitution. I would saw that banning all the affordable handguns is an infringement.

      56. So, where does your well regulated militia hold its drills? The reason for granting the right is for militias, so shouldn’t gun ownership come with a duty to join a defense group?

      57. No, militias is not the reason for “granting the right.” First, the right is not granted, but is inalienable. The Constitution merely codifies this right. Second, gun ownership comes with no duty at all. A militia can be formed in event of absolute tyranny–like what occurred at the birth of America. The people will know when it is time to form up and “drill,” since you’re so worried about drilling. Go to the Tenth Amendment Center’s web site to become educated. Also, look at any You Tubes on the TAC or on the topic of nullification.

      58. No, the reason for the right–which is a natural right, and which is not granted by the government, but is rather simply codified (spelled out) by the Constitution–is not to form militias. Militias don’t have rights–only people do. It says “the right of the PEOPLE”–not the right of the militias or the government.

      59. You really need to educate yourself. One of the definitions of the word militia, and the one used by the Founding Fathers, is every able bodied male considered eligible for military service. So there is no need to drill. If you’re male and between the ages of 18 and 60, you are part of the militia.

      60. It doesn’t say militia, it says well regulated militia. No need to drill? And what is the point of this unorganized rabble? Who is giving the orders? Who is making the battle plans? A bunch of people with guns does not a military unit make.

      61. There were some French in our ranks, but the French nation did not wage war on King George. You are doing a great job removing any doubts about your mental faculties, keep it up!

      62. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Yes id does Erik this is the part they ALWAYS FAIL to understand. Well regulated means UNDER THE CONTROL OF A GOVERNMENT.

      63. No. If well-regulated means under the control of government, then the right to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government would not make sense. So, if you use a gun to target shoot, then you should go to prison? That’s using a gun “outside of defending yourself.” Go to the tenth Amendment Center’s Website and get educated.

      64. And which militia do you belong to, Zippy? Your uniform is what, a white polo and khakis? Do you still have your tiki torch?

      65. Constitution does not give us the write to type on social media. Freedom of speech is exactly as it dictates. Speech. Does not define typing, texting.

      66. Do something constructive – like reading for example. The first amendment specifically addresses our freedom to say and WRITE since it specifies the press (historically the written word) 1st A: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      67. The definition of “well regulated militia” has been debated by many brilliant minds for ages it seems. Unfortunately some not-so-brilliant-minds have contributed considerable opinionated garbage over the years – like just now for example. The founding document does not prescribe “drills and Maneuvers”. That must be a figment of your imagination.

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