Summer is in full swing and you know what that means: dresses. Winter may not be the most pleasant of seasons, but at least it was at lot easier to carry a concealed firearm. Summer is a completely different beast, and especially if you’re wearing a dress. Below we have compiled a list of seven common carry options while in a dress. Needless to say, some are more practical than others.

1. Ankle carry

When you want to run and gun in the sun. Ankle carry is perhaps one of the most comfortable on this list, not to mention among the most accessible. There’s not much of a chance of printing either. Unfortunately, you’ll need a pretty lengthy dress to pull this one off.


2. Hip hugger carry

Depending on your body shape, this method of carry may not be too comfortable and can print easily in a dress. The type of dress you wear may also prevent easy access to the firearm. Card

3. Belly band carry

The closest to traditional IWB carry on this list, many people prefer this mode of transport. However, like the hip hugger, this can be both uncomfortable and hard to access.

4. Back carry

Essentially a reverse hip hugger or belly band carry, the idea here is to hide the shape of the gun in the small of your back. In a dress, this may be print less and be more comfortable, but also harder to access.   Card

5. Purse (off-body) carry

While without a doubt the most comfortable and stealthiest way to carry a firearm on this list, many dislike off-body carry due to the fact that it’s easier for a potential assailant to disarm a carrier before they are able to access their gun. Still, this is a very popular carry method whether in a dress or not.

6. Thigh carry

So you want to pretend you’re Angelina Jolie’s character from Mr. & Mrs. Smith? This age-old symbol of femme fatales still remains a viable method of concealed carry. Strapping a firearm to the outer thigh improves accessibility—as well as cool points—but also increases visibility. Switching to the inner thigh leads to increased concealment and lowered accessibility.   Pinterest


7. Bra carry

Another carry method that some are critical of (especially if that muzzle is pointing at the person to your left all day), yet some women are beginning to warm up to bra carry. It’s fairly good with printing, but may be difficult to reach and use in emergencies.


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4 thoughts on “7 Concealed Carry Options When in a Dress

  1. while they are some great concealed holster a few of which i do own. i do have some comments on what type of gun can be used in some holster. while anyone can carry what they want in a holster they want some can be very dangerous. i saw i thin at least on maybe more soft sided holsters. glocks with their safe trigger and no other safeties. I LOVE GLOCKS AND IT IS MY CHOICE OF CARRY BUT GET LEATHER OR KYDEX OR SOMETHING SIMILAR. the problem is something can poke it far enough in to engage the trigger and with the right movement after that a discharge. if you are going to use soft sided holster along pull double action or one with a manual safety. with a manual safety you must practice removing the safety so it is automatic because in the heat of the battle, everything is a lot harder to do right. of course if someone is shooting at you the adrenaline will make it even harder. practice practice practice location location location. never give up or you are dead anyway. NEVER GIVE UP.

  2. I don’t see how a bra holster is going to work when wearing a dress, since to draw requires lifting your cover clothing (usually a shirt) out off the way and pulling the gun downward. That’s gonna be a little tricky in a dress.

  3. I am sorry to say thus article is not the best written. In fact seems poorly done. Several of the “options” to carry are not positions but types of holsters. Belly band is a holster that allows many positions of carry depending on how it is positioned. Also the hip hugger is another type of holster that allows appendix carry. Next time you want to write an article about how women can conceal carry in a “dress” (I assume you were also counting skirts as dresses since several of these options could not be used with dresses) you should have a woman write it.

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