My wife, Tami, and I love fishing from a kayak. It’s a peaceful yet exhilarating experience, but most importantly, it puts us on top of the fish. If you haven’t tried kayak fishing yet, you’re really missing out! For anyone looking to buy a kayak, the decision can be difficult. Basically, there are three types of kayaks: whitewater kayaks for fast-moving water, touring and recreational kayaks for flat water (slow moving rivers, lakes, and bays), and sea kayaks for open ocean paddling. All of these are suitable for fishing. No matter where you fish, saltwater or freshwater, Cabela’s takes the confusion out of picking the perfect kayak and they have everything you need to make your next fishing trip a success. Here are a few of our favorite fishing kayaks.

Emotion Stealth 11 Angler


Combining stability and speed, the Emotion Stealth 11 Angler defines versatility on the water. This kayak was made for lakes, rivers, and the surf. The Emotion Stealth 11 is designed for comfort and features the Comfort Rest System seat with a tall padded backrest, and the molded-in foot wells are adjustable allowing for a perfect fit for anglers of all sizes. This kayak is an excellent choice for the novice as well as the seasoned kayak angler.

Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Kayak

old town vapor 10

You will love the Old Town Vapor 10 Angler Kayak! This kayak is stable, tracks great, and is super-comfortable—perfect for a long day on the water. The Vapor 10 is loaded with great features: it has two flush-mounted rod holders, an adjustable padded Comfort Flex seat, an adjustable Glide Track foot-brace system, and an easy-to-use anchor trolley system. The stern day well and deck bungee are perfect for securing gear and the stability-focused hull is great for fishing, even in shallow water.

Old Town Predator 13 Kayak

Old town predator 13

The Old Town Predator 13 Kayak is a great choice for the serious angler. It features a performance-crafted Tri-Hull with a slip-resistant Exo-Ridge deck with plenty of storage for all of your favorite fishing gear. The Predator 13 is loaded with great features like paddle rests, a stand-up assist strap, and side-mount holders that allow for hands-free use. In addition, the oversized bow-hatch is perfect for stowing larger gear like motor batteries and tackle boxes. It comes in four different colors and will take you where the fish are.

Old Town Vapor 12 Angler Kayak

old town vapor 12

Made in the USA, the rugged Old Town Vapor 12 Angler Kayak’s sturdy polyethylene hull is built to last, and will provide years of dependability. It features a super roomy cockpit with Old Town’s Comfort Flex seating system, two behind-the-seat flush-mounted rod holders, and molded handles make it easy to carry to and from the water. If that’s not enough, the Vapor 12 Angler Kayak has a handy anchor with trolley system, deck bungee, and a stern day well to store your gear and keep it dry.

Old Town Predator XL Minn Kota Kayak

old town predator minn kota

The Old Town Predator XL Minn Kota Kayak features a foot-controlled rudder steering system and the motor console drops in place so your hands are free to fish! The saltwater-grade anodized and zinc-coated metals mean you can feel confident in-shore or off-shore, and the 45 pounds of variable thrust will get you there quickly. The Predator XL Minn Kota Kayak features a slip-resistant Exo-Ridge deck with a stand-up assist strap. The oversized bow-hatch has a click-seal cover and six ultra-rugged removable mounting plates for adding accessories. This kayak is perfect for saltwater or freshwater fishing and is so quiet you can get on top of the fish.

KC 12 Fishing Kayak

kc 12 fishing

The KC 12 Fishing Kayak is built for year-round fishing. Its tunnel-hull design maximizes stability, making it versatile in any season. This kayak has large bow and stern tank wells for hauling all of you hunting and fishing gear and the integrated track system is great for attaching extra rod holders a GPS or other accessories. The open deck makes it easy to carry tons of equipment and easily converts to a layout blind and the KC 12 Fishing Kayak is comfortable and trolling-motor compatible.

Freedom Hawk Pathfinder

freedom hawk pathfinder

Stable and dependable, the Freedom Hawk Pathfinder with the added freeboard and a wave-cutting upswept bow is made for offshore fishing. It features a dual-outrigger design and has three-position versatility for added stability in rough water. Both outriggers are removable and feature dry-storage compartments. The Pathfinder has two flush-mounted rod holders, a watertight bow storage compartment, and the casting brace has an easy hold for stand-up casting. With a high back seat and adjustable foot brace, this kayak is very comfortable even on long trips. If you prefer a trolling motor, the transom includes inserts for a trolling motor mount.

Ocean Kayak Big Game Angler II

ocean kayak big game angler

The Ocean Kayak Big Game Angler II was built for the serious angler. It is lightweight and can carry a lot of fishing tackle, while the stern stringers are built for maximum carrying capacity in the boat’s rear. The Big Game Angler II’s Element seating system is ultra-stable and a secure; the Mod Pod center-hatch gives you easy access to your rods; and it has a transducer-compatible scupper hole for your depth finder. The Ocean Kayak Big Game Angler II has adjustable Glide Track foot braces, paddle keepers, and rugged carrying handles.

Ocean Kayak Tetra 12 Angler

ocean kayak tetra 12

The Ocean Kayak Tetra 12 Angler is easy to transport and store and has all the options a kayak fisherman needs while only weighing 56 pounds! The Comfort Hybrid seat back provides optimal support and the Mod Pod II center-hatch system provides easy rod access and the Support Track foot-brace system ensures a secure grip for your feet. The Tetra 12 Angler comes with a large tank well with a bungee web, two flush mounted rod holders, paddle keeper, and a cam-locking front hatch and rubber gasket. Lightweight, stable, and built to last the Ocean Kayak Tetra 12 Angler Kayak is sure to please any angler.

Ocean Kayak Tetra 10

ocean kayak tetra 10

Another lightweight, at only 50 pounds, the Ocean Kayak Tetra 10 is the perfect choice for the angler who fishes alone. It’s lightweight, stable, and easy to manage on or off the water. The Tetra 10 has all of the comfort of the larger kayaks and comes with the Comfort Hybrid seating system. The Support Track foot-brace system provides a secure platform so you don’t slip around in the kayak when you’re landing fish. It has two flush-mounted rod holders, a molded-in cup holder, a paddle keeper to secure your paddle and keep it out of the way, and an easily-accessible drain plug. Small enough for farm ponds and yet stable enough for lake fishing, the Tetra 10 has a cam-locking front hatch with rubber gasket to keep your gear dry and side-mounted easy carrying handles.

This article was produced in cooperation with Cabela’s.

Images courtesy Cabela's

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4 thoughts on “The Best Kayaks for Anglers

  1. How about the NuCanoe Frontier 12? It is better than any of the above mentioned kayaks. Then again, this article was basically just an ad for Cabelas.

    1. Exactly, the title of this article should be changed to “The Best Kayaks for Anglers Sold at Cabela’s”. I’ve been seeing more and more “articles” on here that are basically Cabela’s ads. This makes it more and more likely for me to consider OutdoorHub emails as spam.

  2. I like the Hobie Mirage pedal kayaks. Gets you where you want to be much faster. First time I ever saw one was in a Fly fishing shop.

  3. I didn’t learn anything about Kayaks from article. Features are obvious, when looking at them. What about weight and construction future care. So i still don’t know what kind to buy. Think i’ll buy a jon boat

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