It’s opening day of archery season. Do you have everything you need in your truck? How many times have you awoken in a cold sweat, having had that nightmare that opening day comes and you’re not ready? Don’t let that happen to you! Go to Cabela’s and get everything you need to have the best archery hunting season yet.

Cabela’s Carbon Stalker Xtreme Arrows with Blazer Vanes – $49.99 per six

carbon stalker xtreme

You can never have too many arrows. It’s kind of like ammunition for a firearm in that respect. If you think you’re set, you can always use as least a half-dozen more for the things you can’t think about. The Stalker Xtreme arrows aregreat all-around hunting arrows. These American-made arrows have a +/-.003 straightness rated shaft, which helps in two areas vital to your success—accuracy and consistency. They are also lightweight, but with good mass. This means you’ll get the penetration you want, as well as the speed. The Stalker Xtremes come with Easton Super Nocks and CB inserts. Even better, they come pre-fletched with the amazing Bohning Blazer vane, one of the most popular and accurate hunting vanes on the market. They come full-length, so get some, cut them to length and get those inserts in, so you’ll be ready when opening morning arrives.

Cabela’s Instinct Mystique Quiver – $79.99


Ever have to scramble around the night before to find your quiver because you took it off your bow to practice and now you just can’t find it and you don’t know what you’re going to do? Sounds a little frantic, doesn’t it? Don’t be that guy! If you do need a new quiver, the Instinct Mystique rates right up there with the best of them. This quiver is quiet, mounts out of the way, and can be unlatched with one hand. The arrow slot faces you, too, making getting an arrow out and into the rest easy, a good thing if you’re watching a buck rather than your bow. It holds five arrows of any size, including the new super-small diameter carbon arrows. The bracket and latch are all CNC-machined aluminum and the fit tolerance is very tight, making for a quiver that won’t rattle. There is a ton of adjustment, which will help you find that perfect balance point on your bow.

Trophy Ridge React 5-Pin Bow Sight – $159.99

react 5 pin

I know what you’re thinking—why would I need a new bow sight at the last minute? Ever have something break at an extremely bad time? Imagine having your bow sight break two days before the opener. Yeah, that just happened! Luckily there’s relief from the pain. The React 5-Pin sight from Trophy Ridge may very well be the quickest-to-set 5-pin sight ever. You sight in your 20- and 30-yard pins as normal. The sight then auto calibrates your 40-, 50-, and 60-yard pins based off the differences between your 20 and 30. All adjustments are tool-less and micro-adjusters make everything precise. The sight is made from Ballistix, a polymer that weighs very little, yet is as strong as aluminum. It is soft to the touch and reduces vibrations. It includes an LED rheostat light and is available in right- and left-handed version. The fiber-optic pins are .019-inch size. See? All is not lost if you have to replace your sight at the last minute.

Cabela’s Apostle Release – $64.99

apostle release

If there was one piece of archery equipment that you’re going to scramble to find at the last minute, it’s undoubtedly going to be your release. Better make sure you have one. Better yet, get another one, so you have a back up! The Apostle Release from Cabela’s has a small head, making for quick and easy string attachment. The head also rotates 360 degrees, making sure you don’t put any undo tension on your string that can mess with your accuracy. You can also adjust the length and trigger travel, and it has a quiet 10-position buckle strap that won’t make that annoying and game-spooking rip of a Velcro release. It’s made in the United States and at this price, you might as well get a new release to use and a spare for when you lose the first one. The last thing you want to do is go crazy the night before the opener because you can’t find your release. Keep the spare in the truck.

Cabela’s All-Weather Bow Case – $144.99

bow case

Bows aren’t cheap. Neither are the accessories you put on them. From the sights, to the arrows, to the quivers and the releases, you’ve got a bunch of change tied up in your archery gear. The last thing you want is for it to get damaged. Think about driving half-way across the country to go on an elk hunt, or even just pulling into deer camp in some remote forest. How would you feel if you opened your cheap case and found your bow broken? Cabela’s folks who work there live the lifestyle and design products that fit the lifestyle too. The All-Weather bow case was designed to take everything that life can dish out and keep you in the stand hunting. Resin construction with pillar supports keep you bow safe from impacts. A rubber gasket seal keeps water out even in a downpour, and a foam cushion inside keeps things safe and secure. There is an elastomer arrow keeper that holds 12 arrows and the case holds bows up to 43 inches axle-to-axle in length. Getting a good case is good insurance against crying yourself to sleep while your buddies go hunting. Don’t be that guy!

This article was produced in cooperation with Cabela’s.

Images courtesy Cabela's

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