10 Excessively Fancy Wild Game and Fish Dishes


What’s wrong with some simple venison backstrap wrapped in bacon? We don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, but odds are if you bring bacon-wrapped anything to one of these chefs, you’d probably be laughed out of their restaurant.

Let’s face it, fancy dishes such as these (they’re all by European chefs, by the way) aren’t exactly light on your wallet. More to the point, you can’t really say most are hearty or filling—but there is a certain artistic element that makes them fascinating. Who knows, you may even want to borrow one or two elements to use the next time you cook something from the field.

Personally, we prefer our venison in hot meaty chunks, piled high with bacon and slathered in barbecue sauce.

1. Quail on toast appetizer with venison entrée

2. Rack of hare

3. Venison with salt baked celeriac

4. Smoked duck breast

5. Quail salad

6. Fallow deer venison saddle

7. Salmon mi-cuit

8. Hay-stuffed grouse

9. Venison loin with chocolate and potatoes

10. Hare with red cabbage

And as a bonus, something that is a little bit more robust and simple from UK chef and butcher Scott Rea.

Bonus: Roasted venison haunch

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