Will These 6 Guns Work When Frozen Solid?


What do you get when you combine a box full of dry ice and six firearms? Other than good chance of nobody ever loaning you a gun again, you get a pretty neat science experiment. The guys behind the YouTube channel LDF Research decided to pack a crate full of dry ice and then freeze several guns to test whether they would run when frozen (almost) solid. Needless to say, when you can’t even chamber a round, firing the rifle is not going to be easy.

They even froze the ammo too. You can see where this is going.

It should be noted that using dry ice—which is solid carbon dioxide—to flash freeze guns may be dangerous. We were pretty surprised that the testers didn’t find themselves frozen to their firearms or worse. Placing your cheek on a piece of wood frozen with dry ice is certainly not advisable, and neither is handling any firearm that has been subjected to extreme cold or heat. That said, these videos and their results are very interesting. There’s not a lot of editing, though, so you may find yourself fast-forwarding a lot.

1. Yugoslavian SKS

2. Ruger Mini 14

3. AK

4. IWI Tavor

5. Pistol AR

6. Glock 17

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