Last-minute Rifle Hunting Essentials


The pitch black has faded out to shades of gray and gold as light creeps in to brighten opening morning of hunting season. The snap of a twig cuts through the chirping of birds and you catch a hint of movement in the corner of your eye. The fog that hid the corner of the food plot parts to allow the heavy-beamed, mature buck to enter. You take a moment to enjoy the scene, and then slowly pull your rifle to your shoulder.

Wait, where’s your rifle? You can’t find your rifle! You snap upright in bed, drenched in sweat, chest heaving with deep breaths as the panic subsides. Relax, it was only a nightmare. Still, you resolve to go to Cabela’s in the morning, just to be sure you’re ready for the opening day of rifle season.


You can’t go hunting with a rifle if you don’t have one. As it gets closer and closer to opening day, it’s time to get one, get it sighted-in, and practice with it. There are a lot of great, accurate rifles to had these days.

Weatherby’s Vanguard Series 2 rifles are some of the very best in that they come guaranteed from the factory to shoot sub-MOA right out of the box. That means that your 100-yard group of three shots will be within an inch of each other. Add to that a two-stage adjustable trigger, and you’ve got a great hunting rifle. Better still is the $549.99 price tag and the legendary Weatherby name.

Predator and deer hunters will like the new Savage Arms Model 11 Trophy Predator Hunter XP Mossy Oak Brush bolt-action rifle with Nikon 3-9×40 scope combo. Savage has made a serious name for themselves with accuracy that doesn’t cost a fortune, and triggers that simply amaze. These rifles feature the Accutrigger, as well as a mounted and bore-sighted Nikon scope that has a BDC reticle for making every shot. An accurate rifle with a Nikon scope for only $649.99—who wouldn’t want that?

Tikka’s T3 Lite stainless steel bolt-action rifles have a reputation with serious shooters and hunters as being outstandingly accurate rifles with a lighter weight than most. The T3s weigh less than 6.5 pounds! They are also guaranteed to shoot an MOA group, have a detachable magazine, and have an adjustable, single-stage trigger that can be set from two to four pounds. Foul weather isn’t an issue either, as the T3 can take whatever you can dish out.

Remington’s Model 783 bolt-action rifle combined with a 3-9×40 scope just may be the most budget-friendly combo you’re going to find. Building on the legendary Remington brand, the 783 takes a lot of higher end features and removes some of the sticker shock. You get an adjustable trigger, detachable magazine and a factory mounted and bore-sighted scope for $339.99!

Ruger’s American Rifle has taken the hunting world by storm. Combine it with a Redfield scope and you’ve got one of the best values in hunting rifles today. It isn’t just an adjustable trigger, accuracy, or even the amazing Ruger quality that goes into each firearm that makes these rifles so great—it’s the feel of it when you’re shooting that will make you really like it. At $599.99, the American combo is an American classic.

It’s not just the rifle you need

There’s more o being ready to hunt with a rifle than just the rifle. For one, you need ammo. Nosler’s Custom Trophy Grade Rifle Ammunition is made to the strictest quality standards. What that means is consistency for your shot and the peace of mind in knowing that the bullet will go to exactly where you shoot it, and perform the way you need it to.

You need to clean your rifle, too, and that’s where the Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit comes in. The kit works for everything from rifles to shotguns and pistols. It comes with everything you need and in a soft case that can be easily transported to hunting camp. It is well worth the $89.99 price tag.

When you get into the field, finding a good rest when it comes time to take the shot can be tricky, unless you carry the Primos Gen 2 Trigger Sticks. Available in a variety of styles and in various heights, the Primos Trigger Sticks are quiet and easily adjust with one hand, making them the quickest way to set up for your shot.

This article was produced in cooperation with Cabela’s.

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