If you’re lucky enough to have filled your tags this year, then odds are you might be thinking of making venison for your holiday dinner this year. Whether it is a Christmas tradition or this is the first time you’re making venison, here are five recipes you may want to consider.

Unless you’re an expert chef, we’d recommend you practicing making these recipes well in advance. Nothing spells a ruined holiday dinner like burnt venison roast.

1. The “Blade” venison roast

Is venison shoulder worthless? Steven Rinella doesn’t think so, and in this video, he shows you his own way of cooking this difficult—and often neglected—piece of meat.

2. Elk venison pot roast

Nothing beats a hot pot roast on a cold day, and even though we may be looking at a warm Christmas this year, there’s not reason to skip this beloved holiday favorite.

3. Pan roasted venison with potatoes

Looking for something a little bit different? This recipe from British celebrity cook Jamie Oliver may give you just the exotic flare you’ve been looking for.

4. Braised venison shoulder

Another venison shoulder recipe that is both filling and a crowd-pleaser.

5. Pan fried venison with brown gravy

If the sound of venison in brown gravy, sweet potato cakes and sauteed asparagus sets your mouth watering, this may be the holiday dish for you!

Image screenshot of video by Jamie Oliver on YouTube

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