5 Cheap Bush Pot Recipes from a Survival Expert


Some people love camp cooking, and what they pack will show it. When you see someone hauling campfire grills, dutch ovens, and an abundance of ingredients, you know you’re in for a good time when it comes to eating. Others however, take a decidedly more spartan approach.

Bush pot and potatoes. Perhaps some meat. Done.

The bush pot is the ultimate camp cooking utensil, as long as you don’t mind losing a bit of culinary flexibility. Throw in some chopped potatoes, perhaps some other veggies, a little rice, some meat—freshly harvested or trapped is best—and you’re good to go. Bush pot cooking may not be the fanciest, but when it comes to survival, it is the Swiss Army Knife of camp cooking.

Here are five really simple bush pot recipes from veteran woodsman Dave Canterbury. Best thing is that they all cost only a few bucks for each hearty serving. Of course, if you harvest your own meat, we suppose you have to count ammo and license fees too.

1. Chicken and dumplings

2. Bush pot jambalaya and hushpuppies

3. TexMex chicken and rice

4. Chocolate chip muffin

5. Coyote broth

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