Hi-Points are well known for their affordability, but did you know they are also one of the most popular guns to customize as well? Of course, some of these modifications are not exactly practical or safe. That is the case here. This thing of beauty—or abomination, as some have called it—is dubbed the Hi-Point JHP Block II. As you can clearly see, it has some sort of barrel extension and homemade single-chamber muzzle brake. The backyard gunsmith who created it said the gun had been modified with a stippled grip, custom finish, and a length of copper pipe  that they dubbed a “T-brake.”


“We have also developed custom ammunition, specifically designed for lethal kinetic deployment, as well as shrouding yourself for concealment and tactical surprise,” the creator added in a post on Reddit. “Other than that, we have also pioneered custom ammunition we call the ’16” Mk.7.’ This proprietary blended ammunition features compressed smokeless powder that is accelerate by not just the primer, but by a small charge of blackpowder as well (much like the 16″ Mk.7 loads seen on battleships).”

This is kind of tongue-in-cheek humor we like best, but true to their word, they did fire hand-loaded .45 ammo with black powder. They even claimed to have shot 7.62×39 and .223 out of it.

That’s the sort of stunt that’s best done with a vise and a piece of string. As you can see from the image at the top of the page, their initial results were mixed at best.

Below you can see a gallery of photos they took of the custom Hi-Point, along with two videos of them firing the weapon. To be as clear as possible, we don’t recommend making these kinds of modifications to your own firearm, and certainly not testing it out at the range.

Hi-Point Customs Hi-Point JHP Block II

The Hi-Point JHP Block II in action:

The original JHP Block I, with 1911 magazines:

The JHP Block II is not the only pistol from these daring—perhaps a little bit too much so—gunsmiths. They have also produced a tactical Hi-Point with a mounted light and bayonet, as well as what they termed a Modular Weapons System.



It really reminds us of this video:

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7 thoughts on “Photos: The Greatest Custom Hi-Point You Should Never Shoot

  1. I was gonna ask what the point of a muzzle brake was, since High Point’s weigh about 15 lbs. thanks to it’s clever blow back design. But then I realized that it provides a handy mount for a flashlight and bayonet. DUH! Silly me. Besides all the copper plumbing gives it a cool ‘steampunk’ look sure to be a hit with cosplayers.

  2. These things look like something you might see on the same video channels that show the people of Wal Mart, or the guy with office chair tied behind his lawnmower.

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