Hunting withdrawal can hit anybody, but it hits especially hard when you’re on deployment. There may not be any snow on the ground or geese within 100 miles—at least not the ones they’re familiar with—but these US Army soldiers still decide to have a little fun and celebrate hunting season.

However, we’re not really sure why they took goose calls with them in the first place. Perhaps some wishful thinking? In either case, we thank them for their service and the laugh.

Have you ever done anything like this while pining for the hunt?

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Posted by Jacob Golden on Friday, February 19, 2016

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  • Northerner

    Good to see our boys can have some fun over in that hell hole! GOD bless every one of you and please make it home safe!

  • LouieF

    That had me just about rolling on the floor! as a goose hunter and veteran, I can fully identify with these guys!

  • Coyote

    These guys are absolutely crazy. I hope their families see this and set them up with the goose hunt of a lifetime when they get home. God bless you, guys and thanks for your service.