Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. That is the motto of many adventurous anglers, but most people aren’t likely to take up the methods shown in this video, unless you’re very good at training cormorants or catching fish by hand. Also, some of these techniques may be illegal—or considered unethical—depending on where you are. That’s because some of these methods are ancient and can be traced back to a time when fishermen not only depended on fish for their livelihood, but literally their lives. So catching as many fish as possible for the least amount of effort is the goal.

The fact that these methods are still used today is a testament to their efficiency. However, we really wonder if raising cormorants to catch fish is the best method of putting fillets on the dinner table. You can learn more about fishing with cormorants and other ancient fishing methods here.

You should probably turn the volume down beforehand, the soundtrack is quite loud.


Image screenshot of video by Top 10 Amazing on YouTube

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