Why You Should Make Quebec Your Ultimate Outdoor Destination


From the rugged forests to the flatlands, streams, and tundra, it is no big mystery why Quebec holds a special place in the hearts of many hunters and anglers. Quebec may be Canada’s second most populated province, but there is an abundance of untamed wilderness here that is rarely matched anywhere else in the world. In the snow-covered north of Ungava Bay, hunters embark on a once-in-a-lifetime hunt for sub arctic caribou. In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, anglers throng as Atlantic salmon make their frenzied rush through local tributaries. In Montmagny, waterfowlers sit patiently for the arrival of hundreds of thousands of snow geese each spring.

This is Quebec, the sportsmen’s paradise—and here are five great reasons why you should put it at the top of your hunting and fishing wish list.

The wildlife


Quebec is a place where hunters and anglers can feel more than just welcome, they can feel at home. There is a diversity of wildlife here that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in Canada. From the black bears, to the roaming herds of caribou, moose, massively-sized whitetail deer, and abundant waterfowl and small game, hunters will be delighted by the selection of game animals in Quebec.

Anglers are not missing out either. There are over 100 different species of freshwater fish in Quebec, including channel catfish, walleye, northern pike, sturgeon, trout, bass, and of course, Atlantic salmon. Whether you favor fly fishing, ice fishing, or anything in between, anglers will be anything but bored in Quebec.

The outfitters


Not familiar with the rugged landscape of Quebec? No problem! Quebec is also abundant in knowledgeable outfitters to help you explore the path less traveled. Whether this is your first journey into the great outdoors or if you’re a veteran of many adventures, Quebec’s numerous outfitters can offer an experience tailored to your specific tastes. Plus, outfitters provide dedicated experts to make sure your hunting and fishing trip is not only well equipped and accommodated, but also a trip well worth taking. You can find a map of outfitters operating in Quebec at http://quebecoutfitters.com/.

The lodges


Just because you’re enjoying the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. Take advantage of the numerous lodges across Quebec on your hunting and fishing trips, from the rustic wilderness lodges, to larger accommodations that offer a full range of services. Whether you choose to stay at a roomy cottage with wi-fi, three meals a day, and processing services, or something a little simpler, Quebec has something for you. You can find a selection of lodges in the latest edition of the Quebec Outfitters Magazine.

The exchange rate



Take advantage of Canada’s “bearish” currency while you still can! For US hunters and anglers, now is the perfect time to cross destinations off your Canadian travel list after the Loonie continues to drop against a strong US dollar. This has helped fuel a travel boom across the border, but it won’t last long. Since 2011, the Canadian dollar has taken 34 percent plunge, making travel for US residents especially appealing. It’s no surprise that American travelers spent upwards of $2 billion in Canada last year.

The land itself


Every sportsmen and women should experience a trip in Quebec, if only because of its vast wilderness, the warm French-Canadian culture, and the pristine beauty of the province. Quebec has one of the world’s largest reserves of fresh water, making it a natural destination for anglers. The territory itself is nearly three times the size of Texas, with much of it sparsely populated and mostly untouched by development. Perhaps most importantly, as residents would point out, the rich and diverse cuisine of Quebec is worth a trip just by itself. As they say, you haven’t lived if you haven’t tried fresh poutine, tourtière, or a famous smoked meat sandwich in Montreal. Of course, bagging your own meal may be the most satisfying.

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Still not convinced? Check out this eye-opening video below:

This article was produced in cooperation with the Quebec Outfitters Federation.

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