With bombshell announcements like this one from Hillary this election cycle is proving to be one of the most interesting in American political history.

At a private fundraiser last night in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, Hillary Clinton announced that she is changing her views on gun control to more closely align with her base. Speaking to donors at the private event Hillary said that “[She] want to make sure her views on gun control are the same as her supporters. We can’t let Bernie Sanders win over voters by not supporting gun manufacture liability in criminal cases. It’s time to take a stand for gun owners in the great nation of ours.”

She listed off ten main points that she would work to achieve if elected to the Presidency.

  1. Making sure that no gun is banned solely because of cosmetic features.
  2. Ensuring that gun show transfers remain safe and legal with no background checks.
  3. Working to ensure 50 state concealed carry reciprocity through new federal laws.
  4. The elimination of background checks at the point of sale. Instead gun purchasers would only take one background test per year.
  5. Ensure that gun manufactures are not liable for their product’s use in the commission of a crime.
  6. Instructing the ATF to remove suppressors from the NFA
  7. A 50% tax on every round of ammunition that would go towards the prevention of gun violence.
  8. Making sure that all online ammo purchases are shipped to and FFL for a background check.
  9. Passing laws to make sure that online orders of over 1000 rounds of ammo are delivered only with a chief law enforcement officer approval.
  10. Providing a pathway for illegal immigrants to legally purchase firearms



Editor’s note: if you’re scratching your head over that last one, take a look at the date. Happy April Fools’.

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26 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Comes Out In Favor of Expanded Gun Rights

  1. Despite having been notified by our oldest son that Fox News just broke the story that Mrs Clinton had been arrested in conjunction with the email issue, I quickly began to read the article. Twice scammed by the same basic April Fools joke, I need to go back to bed! On a more serious note, there is going to be some history made that will damage future liberal progressive history. Someone will be blamed if Hillary is able to avoid prosecution and there will be only one man to stop the prosecution and then what will happen to his ‘legacy’? There will be serious clean up necessary for all of the spilled beans and more buses will be needed to run over all of those thrown under the bus. I can’t wait until this plays out. Somehow the liberals will blame Bush and the GOP.

  2. If you are stupid enough to believe Hillary is in favor of guns, I have some Ocean Front Property in Montana to sell you! This is just an election ploy! Hillary will be taking away your guns in the second year of her term as President!

  3. A 50% tax on every round of ammunition that would go towards the prevention of gun violence? How does this effect anything. Who will be in charge of this money? Who will audit this money? Who will monitor the results on gun violence? When is the last time a Thug bought ammo? Who the Hell thinks she has a clue? Once again, a law to hurt the ones that aren’t involved. How about a mandatory 30 years for the commission of a crime with a gun? How about increasing state funding for mental health, since 2/3 of the total deaths by guns are suicide. It is not a gun issue, it is a mental health and a socioeconomic issue. Why do people think putting a band-aid on a broken arm is the solution?

  4. OBVIOUSLY an April FOOL comment list
    Besides not placing herself in the favor of the gun supporter the list is actually worse then her original list of nonsense. So she went from TOTAL universal background checks for gun sales to now requiring AMMO to be background checked and she thinks this is a better deal then her previous nonsense?? She wants a 50% sales tax on ammo seriously!!!!! Looney Tunes is a complement for her. Dr D

  5. Riiiight . . . and if you believe that I have some beach front property in Arizona that I’ll sell you for a song.

  6. That’s a weird mix for an April Fool’s post, considering the final four points are things I can actually see her saying.

  7. She flip flops when it’su convenient to get elected! She’s done this several times and I for one do not trust her word or her honor in keeping it after all she is habitual lier!

  8. AAAAAGHHH! What’s next Hill? Fracking? Is coal good now too? How could anyone not see how false she/they are? Look at her-how she’s holding the gun-and the look on her face! She looks like she’s holding a turd! Probably hers cuz she’s so full of $hit.

  9. The other thing that was not mentioned was the Hildegard had secretly met with Rinse Prius and joined the Republican Party and brought all the Unions with her. As a result of this earth shattering event, and since this represents almost 3/4 of the total votes available, both Trump and Cruz have withdrawn from the race and John Kasich has agreed to be her Vice Pres!
    Who’d a thunk it?

  10. I could honestly care about her position. The government does not have the authority to regulate firearms. Period. The right to self-defense, and the right to bear arms predates the Constitution.

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