Video: Jordan Shipley’s New Elk Milk Venture


Jordan Shipley, former NFL player and current hunting show host, announced on April 1 his newest business venture: Melk. It’s a clever brand name for elk milk, which Shipley had apparently spent years developing. Now, in conjunction with YETI, Shipley announced that he will be bringing Melk to the masses.

“Johnny Appleseed brought apples and cider to the frontier, Elvis Presley brought rock n’ roll to the people. My plan is to bring Melk to the masses,” Shipley said in the video below. “Or at least to the Austin South Side farmer’s market.”

According to a press release, YETI will be releasing three new Rambler bottles for customers to enjoy ice-cold or piping hot. For the sake of authenticity, a Nipple attachment will also be offered, so consumers can enjoy Melk as it is meant to be—straight out of a synthetic but realistic elk nipple.

You can see Shipley’s full story below.

Happy April Fool’s.

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