The latest bizarre marketing stunt from PETA targets not only current hunters, but apparently, their future children as well. In yet another hit against recreational hunting, PETA is running a campaign for a fake product called “Huntsman Condoms.” The animal rights organization claims to have visited trade shows and even garnered celebrity hunter support for its product, before revealing that it was just a rather elaborate—but highly obvious—prank.

“Hunters, you’ve been pranked by Peta,” exclaimed the group on its website for the fake product. “PETA decided it was time to get back at recreational hunters. So they orchestrated a prank—by secretly developing, marketing and distributing a brand of condoms especially for hunters. The brand was called Huntsman and its real purpose was to encourage hunters to stop reproducing. Because it’s a fact that hunting is passed on from generation to generation. PETA successfully marketed Huntsman to the global hunting community and they didn’t suspect a thing. Now the world is laughing. We cannot sustain future generations of hunters. So hunters – please use Huntsman Condoms and don’t F** with nature.”

You can see PETA’s promotional trailer below:

As expected, hunters collectively rolled their eyes over the “prank,” which seems to have garnered almost no interest in the sporting community. While PETA may have thought that the campaign was edgy and groundbreaking, sportsmen disagreed.

“Wow. PETA is so ridiculous,” wrote on commenter on the group’s Facebook.

Others, including the group’s own supporters, criticized the organization for wasting money on a marketing campaign when the funds could have been used somewhere else. Some were also confused by the message—was promoting safe sex supposed to be a bad thing?

“Sooo you created a product that is probably bad for the environment for a group that not only embraces the product, but seems largely unaware of the point you’re trying to make with it. Good job,” wrote another commenter.

You can see the reveal video below:

If it is true that PETA did market the condoms at hunting trade shows, observers say that attendees probably went along with the stunt to be polite. After all, for all they knew, Huntsman Condoms was just a small startup with a ridiculous idea. PETA however, also claims to have sent to condoms to notable hunters, such as Eric Trump. The organization then paraded several emails from marketing firms expressing interest in the product as if it was some great achievement.

It should be noted that as of Friday, the two videos on YouTube have less than 8,000 combined views.

Lastly, some people also commented that men aren’t the only ones that hunt. Women do too, and according to reports, are actually outpacing new male hunters in many places.

What do you think? Is this a marketing win for PETA, or just a lame attempt at a viral video?

Image screenshot of video by HuntsmanCondoms on YouTube

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10 thoughts on “PETA Markets “Huntsman Condoms” to Stop Hunters from Reproducing

  1. I think it’s awesome. And of course, the condoms only come in size Small, because we all know hunters are trying to overcompensate for something.

  2. These STUPID peta morons. I am going to shoot a squirrel right now for them, there is one at my bird feeder. Getting my shotgun. And I shot the squirrel! no joke. It is spinning is circles, bleeding all over, staining my grass. Supid Peta! can’t stop my hunting!!!!! 🙂

  3. How nice of PETA to understand that our weapons need protection. Just slide one of these over the barrel and no debris or rain can screw up a shot. Thank you PETA for thinking of us sportsmen.

    1. You’re right. That was a thing in the first Iraq war. Guys writing home for condoms and wives wondering WTF.

  4. This is ironic for the liberals and PITA as liberals have successfully been eliminating themselves by the hundreds of thousands, even millions? for years through abortion.

    Want to really piss off a lib? Get into a discussion pertaining to anything liberal then bring up how “few” conservative republican christian children have been aborted vs the millions of libs that are “NOT” a burden to society because of the libs policy allowing so many of their own to eliminate future members of the liberal dependent worthless ilk. You will see a red face and anger when the lib realizes how you truly “relish their stupidity” in this practice.

    I used to look at things through the christian lens, IE I was totally against abortion until I realized “who am I to judge”. Leave it to God to judge these morons, don’t take this guilt upon yourself. I still do not favor allowing abortions, but given it is human trash and liberal democraps doing it, “to themselves”, I can now live with it guilt free.

    So if you are conservative and abortion makes your blood boil, lighten up, don’t take on God’s job of judging these morons. Relax in the knowledge it is liberal democrap morons eliminating themselves because some how they realize, there should indeed be fewer people like them being born.

    So PITA, the joke is and always will be on you, you commie idiots, not us hunters, conservatives and Christians with real American morals.

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