9 Topnotch Turkey Calls


During any given day in the turkey woods, you can never tell which call will turn on a longbeard and bring him strutting – or running – into your ambush. For that reason, it makes sense to stack the odds in your favor by carrying a wide selection of turkey calls every time you head afield. Here are nine great choices for turning “roosted” into “roasted.”

Lynch Foolproof

Lynch’s World Champion and Foolproof Turkey Calls – $29.49

On windy days, nothing beats the volume of a box call, and Lynch’s World Champion Turkey Call has been a favorite for more than 60 years. Serious turkey hunters have long reached for the World Champion when other calls just won’t produce. The unique two-sided construction lets you create the sounds of a hen as well as a gobbler.

The Foolproof name says it all. A fixed pivot point combined with an automatic lid stop ensures perfect notes on every stroke. Constructed of true-sounding, rugged solid mahogany.

Zink Thunder Ridge Friction Slate

Zink Calls Thunder Ridge Friction Turkey Calls – $29.99

From subtle purrs to aggressive cuts, no call type is as versatile and easy to use as a friction call. State-of-the-art injection-molded technology in the Thunder Ridge Friction Call guarantees you’ll hear the same fantastic sound in every note. At 150 yards or 15 feet, this innovative slate call drives gobblers wild. Includes a two-piece hardwood striker, conditioning pad, the popular E-Z Gripper Ring, built-in striker conditioning pocket and a copy of Turkey Time University Vol. II – Friction Calling Basics DVD.

WoodHaven Cherry Classic

WoodHaven Custom Calls Cherry Classic Friction Turkey Calls – $89.99

The slightly higher pitch of WoodHaven friction calls drive gobblers wild. These high-quality calls are crafted from cherry wood with a soundboard on the inside made of real quarter-sawn cherry wood. Available in either crystal or slate, these pot calls are easy to kee kee on and will break from high to low with an awesome two-note yelp.

Primos Bombshell

Primos Bombshell Push-Style Hen Turkey Call – $16.49

With the ability to produce a wide range of hen sounds with just one hand, the Bombshell Push-Style Hen Call is the most simple-to-use turkey call ever produced by Primos. Fully tunable, it produces realistic yelps, cutts and purrs. And here’s the best part: You can mount the Bombshell to your shotgun’s forearm and then call and aim at the same time. Deadly!

Primos Starter Pack

Primos Turkey Starter Pack Turkey Call Kit – $22.49

Not sure what calls to buy to ensure you head into the turkey woods with everything covered? No worries – Primos has a simple solution. This comprehensive calling kit was designed by expert turkey callers to produce the entire vocal spectrum of turkey sounds. The kit includes a double-sided box call, a Sonic Dome slate pot with Slim striker, a Sonic Dome Double with BAT cut diaphragm mouth call, and one conditioning kit and a carry-all case.

Primos Jackpot

Primos JACKPOT with Slate Turkey Call – $19.99

The Primos JACKPOT friction call is made with a custom wooden pot and a select Pennsylvania slate surface. It includes a Cuttin’ Striker and a conditioning kit, which ensures you get the same great sounds every time you begin yelping, cutting or purring.

WoodHaven Legend Series Slate

WoodHaven Custom Calls Legend Series Friction Turkey Call – $89.99

The walnut wood cup with glass soundboard on the inside of his high-quality friction call produces a hard-breaking, raspy two-note yelp and realistic kee kee. This sweet-sounding slate call includes two strikers, a surface saver lid and conditioning kit.

Zink Z-Pak

Zink Calls Z-Pak Diaphragm Turkey Calls – $16.99

If you love the convenience of carrying and using mouth calls, check out the new Zink Calls Z-Pack Diaphragm Calls. Each easy-to-use call produces realistic sounds that toms can’t resist. The traditional Z-Yelper two-reed call features a double-split top reed for easily producing two-note yelps. The triple-reed Z-Cutter produces exceptional back-end rasp, and the two-reed Z-Combo has a combo-cut top reed for easy rasp. As a bonus, this three-pack includes the Turkey Time University DVD.

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