Video: Pursuing Turkeys in Packer Country


Avid turkey hunter Andrew Benak grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Florida when he was 23 to pursue another of his outdoor passions – fishing. Yes, that’s him in the photo below with a shark – from a kayak!

Andrew shark 5-26-16

This May, Andrew went back to Packer Country to hit the turkey woods with his brother, TJ, who agreed to be filmed for one of Andrew’s YouTube videos.

With morning lows in the mid-30s, the brothers bundled up and attempted to lure in a longbeard. As the video below shows, after a few close calls the pair closed the deal. And just in time, too, because the forecast for the following day, Sunday, included colder temps and snow!

“We were pumped!” Andrew said. “It was a younger bird, but we were excited to get one after putting in the time in tough conditions. And on top of that, we didn’t have to hunt the cold Sunday morning. The walk back was great, chatting with my brother about his successful hunt. While cleaning the bird, snow began to fall – in May! It didn’t matter because we planned to sleep in – with some fresh turkey in the fridge.”

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