We all have our favorites. It doesn’t matter if the topic is Halloween candy (our house is filled with bite-sized treats from the kids’ haul last night) or baseball teams (Dodgers vs. Astros in game 7 tonight!), for reasons we sometimes can’t explain, we simply like some things more than others.

This topic crossed my mind this morning as I used a pen to cross Nov. 1, 2017, off the wall calendar. Like you (probably), I enjoy watching outdoor programming on TV and online, and the one deer hunting show I never miss is “Chasing November.”

In this case, I have good reasons for why it’s my favorite. First, I’ve worked with the show’s host, Bill Winke (photo above), for many years. I consider him a friend, even though we rarely see each other in person (he lives in Iowa, my home is in Minnesota). But every once in a while, we run into each other at an industry event like the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show, and it’s good to catch up. Bill is great writer, a good family man, and even though I’ve been at this “whitetail game” for more than 40 years, I still learn something every time I watch his show.

I also like that he shares the spotlight with many other hosts/guests on his show. In fact, along with his friend Dr. Grant Woods of GrowingDeer, the two have set an example for teaching young hunters the best fair-chase methods for pursuing the elusive whitetail. Both men also work with college-age interns each year in producing their shows, and several of these interns have gone on to work full-time in the outdoor industry. In short, Bill and Grant are good guys doing good things for others.

November is my favorite hunting month of the year. And if you’re a whitetail hunter, it’s probably yours, too. In a few days, I’ll begin my annual 9-day bowhunting vacation in eastern South Dakota in pursuit of a mature buck. And after the sun sets at the close of each hunting day, I’ll probably tune into “Chasing November” to help fuel my fire for the following morning.

P.S. You can watch two full seasons of Chasing November on CarbonTV. No cost, no strings, just click and watch on your smartphone or laptop. Trust me, you’ll be hooked; check it out below!



Images and video by Bill Winke

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