Top Benefits To Using A Leather Revolver Holster


Leather revolver holsters have been used for literally as long as revolvers have existed. They were enormously popular during the Old West in the latter half of the 1800s, for example, and they continue to be used today.

The fact that leather revolver holsters have been used for so long alone says a lot about them.  Not only are quality leather holsters well made, they are also soft, long lasting, and comfortable.

Just because the technology is old doesn’t mean that it’s outdated. What’s more, is that leather holsters have actually been dramatically improved in the years since they first made an appearance.  For this reason, they still remain a top choice for packing a revolver today.

Here are the top benefits to using a leather revolver holster:


Assuming that your holster is made by a reputable manufacturer that uses quality leather, you can be rest assured knowing that your holster will be highly durable.

Think about it, leather is used for making a variety of other kinds of equipment as well, including car seats, jackets, shoes, and so on.  The simple fact is that high quality leather is a very rugged and durable material that’s long lasting.


A major plus to using leather for a holster is comfort.  Not only does leather mold well to the shape of your gun, it will mold well to your body as well.

Needless to say, leather is going to be much softer and more comfortable in contrast to other options such as nylon or kydex.  For IWB (inside the waistband) or pocket holsters especially, this will be a major plus knowing and feeling that the leader is molding to the shape of your body.

In other words, whereas your body may have to accommodate a kydex or nylon holster in order for you to get used to it, just the reverse is true for leather holsters.

Leather will also inflict less chafing on your skin as well.


If you are in a situation where you need to remove your gun from your holster quietly, leather really is your best option.

Holstering and drawing a revolver from kydex is going to create a distinct clicking sound, and furthermore, when your kydex holster bumps into something as well it also creates a loud noise as well.

Nylon is quieter, but it can still create a noise when the revolver is drawn and holstered as well.

In contrast to all of this, a leather revolver holster is simply going to create very minimal noise all around.  If it bumps into something, such as the wall or a tree or anything, it’s going to create practically no noise as well.  There’s also very limited noise when you’re actually drawing the firearm.


Proper retention with a firearm is key.  Retention refers to how secure your firearm is in the holster.  The best holsters on the market, regardless of their material, need to offer excellent retention and security.

But since leather can be molded into the shape of literally anything (and therefore any gun), they can offer some of the best retention on the market.  This stands in stark contrast to nylon, which are usually ‘universally sized’ for a number of guns and therefore results in the revolver moving around a lot in the holster.

Minimal Maintenance

As with any holster, your leather revolver holster needs to be maintained properly, but the good news is that the maintenance is minimal.

Think of maintaining your leather revolver holster as being the same as maintaining a pair of leather shoes.  Avoid the use of conditioner, as it will only cause the leather to become softer, which reduces comfort as well as retention.

Instead, the best way to maintain your leather holster will be to soak a cloth in some warm water and glycerin soap.  After wiping the holster down, proceed to dry it by leaving it exposed to normal room temperature.Avoid drying a leather holster with a blow dryer or anything that creates heat like that, as this will only result in the leather cracking and getting ruined, which should be the very last thing that you ever want, right?

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