Put the Hammer Down


John J. Woods

Magnolia Outdoor Communications


 Believe it or not, there are considerable numbers of prepper types and survivalists that are not gun people.  Sure, they want to have the ability for self-protection and personal security, but they do not feel comfortable wielding or even owning a firearm.  I say each to his or her own when it comes to these issues.  However for self-protection if you don’t want to use a firearm, what are the alternatives?

It probably seems way too simple to even discuss, but if you want any other type of weapon or tool to use for protection, it should take some serious considerations to pick the one right for each individual person. Regardless of what type of defensive tool or weapon you use, it still requires some orientation and training to fend off any potential threat.

The trouble with most self-protective weapons that are not firearms is the requirement for their close proximity of use. This increases substantially the risk to the individual if they have to get close enough to wield a defensive tool that is not a firearm, thus, of course the real advantage to using a firearm for self-defense.

When at home, working in the garage, yard or around the house, quite a few items could be used to fend off an advance or threat. Check around your own house to look for items that could be used for protection.  The list might well include a baseball bat, golf club, fireplace tools, some kitchen, cleaning or garden tools.  Look around and be creative.

The garage ought to yield a number of tools useful for resisting an assault. Begin with an inventory of the tools around the shop.  Hammers yield strong striking power, big pipe wrenches, crowbars, sledge hammers, and other tools can be useful.  Some of these would be useful for carrying under a car seat for use away from the house.

Long handled garden tools could be used for thrusting and swinging should you be assaulted out in the yard for example. Home invasions and drive by assaults are more common now than ever.  Depending on where you might live, check with local police for crime statistics and further tips on awareness.

Does all this sound corny or even silly? It might not seem so, if you are in need of self-protection but using a concealed weapon or any firearm is not an option.  In such cases, individuals still need a manner to defend themselves.  Consider then, any number of alternative tools or implements useful for self-defense.

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