Tough Tested Solar Charger


John J. Woods

Magnolia Outdoor Communications


When or if the power grid ever goes down or not, you’re going to want one of these. In this modern technology world, we are inexplicably linked to everything digital from which there seems to be no escape.  Like it or not, we are tied to our electronic devices powered by this grid we forever have a love-hate relationship with.  Without it, we are the proverbial canoe without so much as a paddle.

But then comes the extended technology with the capability of powering our IPhone, tablets, laptops, and other essential communications equipment without a cord tied into an electrical outlet. Wala, we have solar charging devices supplying virtually endless renewable solar energy.  All we need of course is natural sunlight to supply the charge.  If that power grid ever goes down, then we will have bigger issues than buzzing up our tablet connections to SEC football or the stock market.

ToughTested is a division of Mizco International.  Mizco initially ignited in 1990 as a state-of-the-art consumer electronics manufacturer.  Their expertise lies in the realms of research and development in power and battery technology.  Product development in solar charging devices has led to their Bigfoot solar charger, which we have been testing away from the grid out in the wilds.

Bigfoot is a solar charger power bank. It is entirely portable and designed in fact to be used in the field during recreational pursuits such as hiking, wilderness camping, hunting, fishing, or wherever one might be away from a wall or vehicle plug.  Bigfoot has 24,000mAh battery capacity for up to 10x charges.

All we really need to know is that Bigfoot has a 400mAh high efficiency solar panel. The self-contained unit is hardened for field use in a waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof outer case.  It features LED power indicator lights, a multi-mode LED flashlight with S.O.S. function and can be hung with the attachable heavy duty carabiner.  Multiple USB ports are available for accessory cord attachment.  Other details and features can be seen at

In practice, the unit must be fully charged while the grid is up. Indicator lights show when it is fully charged.  Then when outside in the sun, the unit will recharge itself via the solar panel.  The Bigfoot is capable of charging three devices at the same time.  It has a lightning fast charge for smartphones and overnight powering of laptops up to 65 Watts.

If you are into using multiple critical battery source electronic devices, then you need a solar charger capable of keeping your units operating especially under adverse conditions, emergencies and SHTF type conditions.

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