The LifeCard .22LR Folding Pistol


The new LifeCard .22lr folding pistol gives a whole new meaning to pocket pistol. This unique handgun folds up into a size just about as large as a stack of credit cards.  When in the folded condition, it can easily fit into a pants pocket, jacket, shirt, or purse for quick retrieval.

As the company says, the LifeCard is the new standard for discreet carry. Indeed.  The pistol is a single shot chambered for the .22 Long Rifle.  With a width of only .5 inches and a weight of less than 7 ounces, it would be hardly noticed carrying in a pocket.  Then of course that is the whole point.

Exact specifications of the LifeCard again, chambered for the .22 Long Rifle, single action, length when closed is 3.375 inches, height of 2.125 closed, half inch thick, and 7 ounces weight. The pistol is constructed of 4140 pre-hardened steel including the barrel, bolt, and trigger.  The frame and handle is aluminum, 100% machined billet.

The exterior finish is a corrosion resistant Isonite and the aluminum parts are hard coat anodized. When the pistol is folded into the closed condition, it cannot be fired, thus serving as the safety condition.

To load the LifeCard, a release is manipulated to unfold the pistol with the handle coming down to form the pistol grip. This then exposes the trigger below the barrel shroud unit.  The barrel release latch is activated to allow the barrel to be tipped up and open.  When the pistol is in this unfolded condition, a single round of .22 Long Rifle can be directly inserted into the breech chamber.  The barrel is pressed back down and locked.  The LifeCard is now loaded and ready to be cocked to fire.

At the rear of the barrel and bolt unit there is a recess that is pulled back via thumb and forefinger to cock the bolt firing mechanism. The gun is now ready to be fired.  To fold the LifeCard back up, the bolt cocker is pulled back to a half-cock position even with the frame so the gun can be folded back up.

A small slide cover is located on the handle grip to reveal a storage compartment where up to four rounds of .22 rimfire ammo can be stored. This makes the LifeCard package ready to go.  LifeCard also offers a leather slip wallet and other accessories.  The LifeCard is also available in the .22 Rimfire Magnum.  The LifeCard pistol retails for $399.  Check it out at

John J. Woods

Magnolia Outdoor Communications

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