Video: There Are Lots of Fish in The Sea, But Not Many Make Your Reel Scream Like Dogtooth Tuna


Not many fish in the sea are capable of making a reel scream like a dogtooth tuna. Don’t believe us? Check out this video montage below showing multiple anglers get their “reeling muscles” annihilated by this powerful saltwater fish.

As an angler, is there any better feeling than the bottom falling out when a giant fish starts hammering drag?

Because we miss being on the water this time of year – and LOVE the sweet sound of screaming reels – there was simply no passing-up this video:

(CAUTION: Video may cause serious FOMO of being out in the sun with a fish on the other end of your line)

I don’t think the importance of setting an appropriate drag has ever been displayed better than that! With a fish yanking on your line with such force, it would take only a slight amount of excess tension to snap it.

Dogfish Tuna, or doggies, are widespread throughout the tropical waters in the Indian and Western Pacific oceans – Red Sea included. They tend to hang around coral reefs, typically in waters less than 100m deep. Their name comes from an intimidating array of canine-like teeth. These teeth allow the dogtooth to feast on a wide variety of fish and squid. Another interesting note: since their diet includes mostly reef fish, dogtooth are recognized carriers of the ciguatera toxin (CFP) in some locations.

While the video above provided some great reel screaming audio, I’m sure you’re disappointed they didn’t actually show them land a dogtooth..

Well, don’t panic because we included another video below that shows the entire grueling process:

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