Destination Spotlight: Trophy Fly-In Fishing in Northern Manitoba – Bolton Lake Lodge


Manitoba Destination Spotlight: ‘The Grand Slam’

Bolton Lake Lodge and Outposts is a classic fly-in fishing destination that has owned a reputation for producing exceptional angling opportunities. Established in the isolated wilderness of Northern Manitoba, Bolton Lake Lodge is a conveniently remote operation amid a variety of productive waterways. From their well-known main lake fishery to their exclusive fly-out locations, Bolton offers every visiting angler a boat load of opportunities for trophy northern pike, lake trout, walleye, and brook trout. ‘The Grand Slam’ of local fishing options that keep their guests coming back year after year.

A true Canadian multi-species paradise, Bolton Lake Lodge features a generous list of amenities and full service hospitality. A relaxing lodge, comfortable accommodations, home cooked meals, and an experienced guide team compliment their diverse fishing program. Trevor and Jodi Dick are the second generation owners of Bolton Lake, with Trevor carrying on the family business that began in 1988. They dedicate the open water season to fulfilling the dreams of those looking to experience the very best in fly-in fishing. From the hard core angler to the adventurous fishing family, Bolton Lake Lodge offers options for all.

Check out the Destination Spotlight video below, which features Bolton Lake Lodge:

For more information on this fly-in fishing destination, visit the Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts website.

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