10 Terrible Boating Fails You Have to See to Believe


Sure, terrible boating fails have great comedy potential – especially if you’re not in the boat. However, we’d like to think that these mistakes also contain valuable lessons. While funny on the surface, it should be noted that many common boating mistakes can be dangerous and even life-threatening. Most of them can also be easily avoided.

Here are 10 examples of things you should watch out for while on, near, docking, or launching a boat. (Due to the nature of these clips, some of the videos may contain some colorful language)

1. Make sure your engine is attached properly

2. Watch your speed, don’t show off

3. Don’t unnessarily rush through breakers

4. Set your parking brake

5. Learn how to steer before buying a boat

6. Don’t get distracted

7. Attach your boat correctly

8. Always wear your killswitch

9. Only help others if you know what you’re doing

10. Don’t be lazy (okay this is a jet ski fail, but was too good not to include)

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