For the many folks who scavenge the woods in search of morel mushrooms each year, how many run out of ideas on how to enjoy them?

Sure, frying them up in a little butter and garlic is always tasty, and they’re delicious in just about any pasta dish you can think of, but we’ve got a better suggestion for you: Morel salt.

There are some folks who just have a natural eye for these fungi and have no problem practically filling a truck bed with them. But if you’re not finding record sized morels, or just can’t seem to find a good cache of them, morel salt is a great way to enjoy their earthy, delicious flavor in every dish you cook, and you don’t need a wheel barrel full either!

The video below is technically for making black truffle salt, but you can easily supplement morels and get the same effect.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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