Video: Curious Deer Befriends Camera, Licks Lens


In the experience of most hunters, deer are nervous, skittish creatures likely to take flight at the smallest noise. Or maybe that’s just how it seems—especially during deer season. In other circumstances, deer can appear docile and even sociable with humans. Travelers who have been to Nara, Japan may recall the region’s infamous “bowing” sika deer, which have taken up local customs in an attempt to extort food out of tourists. While they may seem friendly, wildlife officials warn against ever feeding deer—or any wild animal for that matter. In the videos below, a young buck approaches a person filming near New York’s Hudson River, possibly mistaking the camera for a snack.

“I was not and would never feed wildlife. It teaches them terrible behaviors that can be dangerous,” wrote YouTube user A Bad Idol, who uploaded the videos. “It seems that neighbors have been feeding him for a while which led to his odd behavior. I was very lucky to be able to catch this moment because he thought the camera in my hand was a carrot or something similar.”

The deer’s not done yet. Apparently, cameras make for a good lick.

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