For several weeks a strange creature has been roaming through Clarion County, Pennsylvania. According to KDKA, residents would occasionally catch sight of a young bear with a bucket-shaped bag over its head. Disoriented, hungry, and virtually blind, the Game Commission received numerous calls regarding the bear. Finally over Labor Day weekend, a group of residents decided to take matters into their own hands and track down the unfortunate animal themselves.

The bear was easy enough to find, and the group of five friends were able to catch it without too much trouble. It took 40 minutes to cut away the bag.

“We all started hooting and hollering and were so excited that he was finally free! Mission accomplished,” said Samantha Eigenbrod, who recorded the encounter on her cellphone.

It is rare but not unheard of for bears to get their heads trapped in strange objects. This is especially common for younger bears striking out on their own for the first time. In July, a similar situation occurred where a kind-hearted lumberjack used a forwarder to remove a milk jug from another bear.

Image screenshot of video by Dean H on YouTube.

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