Oregon officials have confirmed that the state’s famous wandering wolf, OR-7, is now the leader of his own pack. The male gray wolf stepped into the spotlight between 2009 and 2011 when he traveled thousands of miles from northeast Oregon into California, becoming the first wolf to be seen in the Golden State since 1924. Recently, the wolf came back to Oregon with a mate in tow, and biologists reported seeing wolf pups last June. The pups were the first wolves to be born in Oregon’s southwest Cascade Mountains in nearly 70 years. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife officially began referring to the family as the Rogue Pack, named after the Rogue River drainage near the mountains. This designation means that at least two of OR-7’s pups have survived through to the end of 2014. As far as state officials know, the Rogue Pack is the first and only wolf pack in Western Oregon.

“It’s pretty significant that we have a pack of wolves in that part of the state, so far away from all the other known packs,” John Stephenson, wolf coordinator for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, told The Oregonian. “It’s likely to result in a lot more wolves in that general area as time goes on.”

Yet the Rogue Pack may not stay in the region for long. Experts said that the wolves may move into other parts or the state or even retrace the steps of OR-7’s journey and venture into California. So far the wolves seem to be staying well away from populated areas, and state officials have no records of livestock attacks by the fledgling pack. The Associated Press reported that the old GPS collar attached to OR-7—which gave the animal its name since it was the seventh wolf to be collared by biologists in Oregon—has stopped working. Biologists hope to replace it soon, or collar his mate or one of the pups later this year.

With the addition of OR-7’s pack, Oregon now has nine wolf packs in total. Under the state’s current management plan, four or more breeding packs could result in a proposal to remove the species from state Endangered Species protections, and possibly allow for hunting or other management options. However, federal law will still protect any wolves living in the Cascades.

Image courtesy Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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5 thoughts on ““Rogue” Wolf Forms First Wolf Pack in Western Oregon

  1. We don’t need and people didn’t give their federal employees permission
    and weren’t asked for importing giant non-indigenous Yukon wolves into the lower 48.
    Now these non-native 20-30 per pack indiscriminate killers are running roughshod over 5 states;
    while these rogue feds agencies are running over these 5 states- State Wildlife Agencies, breaking
    promises every year to “allow” them to take over management of these destructive giant Yukon predators ~!

      1. “Well” it’s total disrespect for any landowners, esp ranchers and farmers.
        It took 100-yrs to decimate cannis lupus so those native smaller shyer wolves
        which mostly ran in family packs of 3 to 7 animals were maybe heard at times but
        rarely seen seen. The massive very aggressive Yukon wolves run in unstoppable packs
        that don’t need to pick out the weak a sick or old, but can take what they want and packs have
        been seen killing every elk calf(12) in meadows and not stopping to eat even one.

        Sportsmen have spent millions of private dollars over a 100-yrs and countless thousands of hours of volunteer labor to bring bring back the herds of 4 types of Elk, Bison, Shiras moose, antelope, Mule-Blacktail- Whitetail+Coues deer, 2 kinds of Bighorn sheep, Mt. goats and game birds- 2 kinds of turkey, prairie chicken, pheasants, many kinds of water fowl. This started long before Gooberment wildlife departments.

        And now we’ve found out this wolf intro was with $64-million the feds stole from these state wildlife funds with promises to turn over to state control the management but never have.
        Livestock has been slaughtered and maimed by the thousand now, ruining family ranches and farms.

        All this for what so these wing-nuts can hear wolf howls?
        They will overpopulate unless really decimated, then run out of ungulates to eat=…. then what?
        You guess what huge packs of huge aggressive wolves will do ~!

      2. Wake up everyone, it’s part of the plan to get rid of hunters in the equation. They are creating a “preponderance of data”, that will say they have tried all these measures to improve habitat but the animal populations are “still in jeopardy” so they will need to close hunting here and there and then eventually the laws will change to disallow for any hunting. They are doing it to fishing as well (American red snapper, Goliath grouper, etc.) it is a shorter and quieter battle than transparently going after what is a state constitutional right. It will be easier to amend the constitutions when the liberal legislators read the “bad news” about the American hunter “over harvesting” the country’s wildlife. Enjoy while you still can.

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