M+M, Inc. Rethinks the Kalashnikov with the M10X


SHOT 2015 was a big event for fans of the AK. From Magpul’s accessories to the announcement of at least three new US-based Kalashnikov manufacturers, we’ve had a lot to be excited about. In addition to the news from those “big names,” though, a sleeper almost crept by unnoticed. I’m talking about M+M, Inc.’s new M10X rifle.

Colorado-based M+M, Inc. has been offering their own version of the Romanian AKM, called the M10-762, since 2013. The M10-762 is relatively well-known in AK enthusiast circles, and is generally regarded as a quality AKM clone with some welcome accouterments. With the M10X, M+M is moving beyond relatively minor modifications to the AK and completely rethinking the design.

The M10X utilizes the tried and true Kalashnikov long-stroke gas piston and the 7.62x39mm cartridge and sports a standard AK silhouette, but the similarities between Mikhail’s avtomat and the M10X pretty much stop there. The M10X incorporates a fully free-floated nitrided barrel (thanks to a floated joint at the gas block), a monolithic upper receiver, a charging handle that can easily be swapped from right to left (the M10X’s receiver is cut for the handle on both sides), and a hinging lower receiver—the rifle opens up just like an AR. In addition, the action does not utilize a conventional AK recoil spring—that function has been transferred to a piston return spring.

The M10X hinges open like your run of the mill AR.
The M10X hinges open like your run of the mill AR.

The rifle also features an adjustable gas valve, a full-length Picatinny rail along the top of the receiver that won’t have issues with holding zero like most AK dust cover mounts, and an ambidextrous, AR-style safety selector. Its aluminum handguard has ample attachment points for M-LOK accessories, and the muzzle is topped with an M+M brake. The gun uses standard AK-pattern magazines and features a buffer tube to mount standard AR-pattern collapsible stocks.

Two models of the M10X are planned: the Standard (M10X-762S) and Elite (M10X-762E). The Standard will feature a cast upper receiver and bolt carrier, a nitride and manganese phosphate finish, a Hogue pistol grip, a Phoenix Tech Field Series buttstock, and a Tapco 30-round mag. The Elite uses a machined upper and bolt carrier, has a fully nitrided finish, features a Magpul MOE AK grip and stock (the booth models had a CTR), and comes with a Magpul AK PMAG. The Standard’s MSRP will be $900, while the Elite will run $1,195. California compliant models are also planned. The M10X is fully American-made.

Normally I don’t get very excited about guns like the M10X, but M+M seems to be doing the “reimagining” part of their gun right. They’re keeping the good stuff about the AK in place, but improving certain aspects of the platform in a smart manner—and the end result is not overly expensive. The only change I’m not totally on board with is the use of an AR stock (though I do love AR stocks on AKs in some cases), but I can deal with that. Manually operating the action was silky smooth, something you can’t say about all new production AKs.

A peek inside the M10X's lower receiver reveals some familiar digs.
A peek inside the M10X’s lower receiver reveals some familiar digs.

M+M has just produced a number of models for internal testing. I hope to test one out myself when they begin distributing media evaluation rifles. In any case, the M10X is a rifle to keep an eye on for any AK fan.

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