Photos: Australian Python Eats Tongs


This is what happens when snakes get greedy. According to 891 ABC Adelaide, snake owner Aaron Rouse was using tongs to feed his pet python rats when the snake decided it wanted more. The python, named “Winston,” latched onto the tongs and swallowed the utensil whole.

“I tried to prise him off the tongs but we didn’t have any hope of that at all,” Rouse said.

The snake eventually discovered, to its disappointment, that metal was relatively hard to digest. Although most snakes have the ability to regurgitate food at will, the large tongs proved too large for Winston to remove on his own. Instead, the python was taken to Adelaide University’s veterinary expert, Dr. Oliver Funnel, who removed the tongs after a rather complicated surgery.

“The clip was at the other end so these tongs would have been trying to expand the whole time, which would have been quite uncomfortable,” Funnel said.

While we certainly don’t blame Winston for being peckish, perhaps he should stick to something more edible next time. After all, this is what can happen when snakes don’t think they get enough food.

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