Video: Swedish Man Channels Inner Viking and Terrifies Charging Bear


We here at OutdoorHub like to consider ourselves chroniclers of the eternal struggle between bear and man—of who can manage to scare the crap out of the other more often and most effectively.

Two bouts on record so far: the “California man walks into bear while texting” title fight of 2012, and the “drinking man rounds corner, walks smack-dab into bear” meet up of sometime last week. The former was a solid win for the bears, while the latter was more of a draw.

We now have video evidence of what can only be described as the first solid win for mankind. In the video below, Swede Ralph Persson, a veteran bear hunter (according to this Google-translated Swedish news article), draws upon the power of his Viking ancestors and releases a war cry that manages to cow a charging bear.

According to the article, Persson was out training a new hunting dog. After witnessing this encounter, it’s obvious the canine has a great teacher. We’re going to mark this one up as a win for humans. Thanks, Ralph, on behalf of all mankind.

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