Video: Men Use Excavator to Rescue Moose


What do you do when you find a moose stuck in a pit? If you have access to some heavy machinery, the answer is relatively simple. These construction workers broke out an excavator to dig the moose a path to safety, and although you don’t see the animal until later in the video, it seems to be grateful for the assistance.

Fun fact: in Europe moose are called elk. The term elk was originally used to describe especially large deer. When Europeans arrived in North America, they assigned the word to the large ungulate the native Algonkians called a wapiti. Settlers later encountered the even larger moose, but they couldn’t very well call it an elk also so they gave it its modern name instead.

This incident reminds of us of another video we posted last year where a lumberjack used a forester to remove a milk jug from a bear’s head.

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